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Upon completion of her initial fitting out and dock trials, Auk proceeded to Tompkinsville, Staten Island, on the afternoon of 24 February.
This is a review of the Dr. Phil show today in which he interviews a grown man with a fetish for wearing diapers and behaving like a baby along with another interview of a woman who has an extreme fear of driving or being a passenger in a car.
I had to write this article after watching Man With a Movie Camera, it took me by surprise, seeing as I'm not easily impressed with outdated cinematography.
A few lines about an utterly simple way of solving messed up situations
About the remarkable influence of mass-media on people
A debate on the existence of different life-forms as seen by a Hungarian scientist.
This article is a review of Animal Planet's documentary on the invasion of the Burmese Python in Florida that is threatening to kill off Florida's native wild life.
In beauty pageants little girls become "Little Women" at the time they should be little girls. It's a sad commentary on our society when children are exploited in such a way.
The concept of what we call "Reality Television" has become increasingly ubiquitous as it is relatively cheap to produce and brings in lots of advertising revenues. It gets further and further out. Here is a glance at where it is going next year.
The film I watched a couple of days back called my attention to the present need of this country. “Inside Job” released in 2010 provides a comprehensive analysis of the global financial issues and how America is entangled in it.
This article reviews the movie Inside Job, a documentary about how the financial collapse of 2008 was deliberately engineered.
Having watched a documentary about the beginning of the Salem Witch trials, I thought I would share some of the shocking discoveries it unearthed.
A look into the most popular BBC2 programme of recent years. Looking at the "characters", the ego's, the controversy and the popularity.
Nancy Grace gives binding judgment on her tv show on CW as detective, attorney, and judge on Swift Justice.
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