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With 5 days and 7 posts, my review about the write to earn site Wikinut.
A personal note about the recent movies I watched.
John Steinbeck is one of the greats of American literature. His novel "Grapes of Wrath" is a touching human saga that is relevant even now.
How this company is using recycled car parts and PET bottles l to make new objects out of and how this helps the ecological environment.
I have enjoyed myself while watching it, but I'll still go to a circus without any worries or fear. And I'm surely not going to run away in a panic when the clown act begins.
With the Scorpions releasing a new album, here we review the double-CD set by former Scorps guitarist Uli Jon Roth, who re-interprets the classics he helped write
The murder of an influential man’s son takes place at the “Magnum Point Lighthouse”. According to the son’s father it would not be a problem. Turns out there was a brutal murder which gets the local News Paper involved? Both TV and Local News Paper reports are involved. Pl...
The Cunning Little Vixen is a three-act opera by Leos Janacek (1854-1928) who wrote both the libretto and the score. It is very much a fantasy opera, in that it combines human and animal characters, and it is a strange mix of comedy and tragedy.
There are times when I am either deeply depressed, or I just need to hold on to my sadness. For those times, I have a list of songs that get me through that period. They are songs that feel like they understand where I am in my depression. I call this playlist of songs “Alter...
This was a film made almost 55 years back on an explosive subject. it is a good film on the killing of Gandhi by Godse.
I am still hoping against all my hopes that cgpgallery will prove me wrong and pay its contributors at the earliest. Let me add, they haven't paid me a single cent for my 200 posts in last 4 months.
This is my first page here at Wikinut... and my first article is about gender equality. Here's a by Nancy Smith entitled, "For Every Woman"
Going Postal is a great movie based on a great author - Terry Pratchett. The film aims to be close to the original story line and is a great creation on it's own. This is my review of the film
The book being reviewed here is an important one. It is trying to point out to us the importance of our taking our dreams seriously. We should all take more notice of our dreams. The writer of this review has given a poignant example here of how something deeply disturbing to us in o...
Mouthwatering cuisine, friendly servers and a warm and inviting ambiance are just a few of the reasons customers choose Chez Maman, a French bistro restaurant located at 1453 18th Street, San Francisco, CA (Potrero Hill.)
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