“Evil Enough” — Album Review

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Tara Lynch is no spring chicken, but the vocalist turned guitarist has just launched her debut album.

“Evil Enough” — Album Review

Tara Lynch is a surprisingly common name in the entertainment business; there is a Tara Lynch, vocalist turned beautician, and an actress of the same name to begin with. Tara Lynch the rock musician is a wife and mother from New York. If you haven’t heard of her that is because there is so much talent in the music business that much of it goes unnoticed, like Dani Clay - world famous in Brentwood; the 1980s band White Lightning who made two albums then vanished into obscurity; or the long defunct New Zealand band Stellar* whose Bo Runga now spends much of her time designing jewellery.

Early last year Tara was working with the Belgian band Beyond The Labyrinth, and Evil Enough was promised then. Now at last it has been released, and is available in a variety of formats from her official website, the $13.99 CD includes an eleven page booklet with the complete lyrics. Shredding is not the most inspiring of lead guitar styles, but in spite of her reputation this is more melodic rock than speed for the hell of it.

Tara wrote all the tracks on the album and played all the guitars, but guitarist Tony MacAlpine also makes an appearance on keyboards. Check him out too, four years younger than Joe Satriani, he has never achieved the same dizzy heights as the New York native. Vinny, the younger of the famous Appice brothers, appears on drums, so there is a lot of talent here.

Evil Enough opens with the title track; running to 4 minutes 38 seconds, it includes two sets of male vocals, by Mark Boals and Brent Woods. It is, says Tara, a song about an ex who would often use that expression to describe her. Not literally, one hopes.

Track two is the slightly longer Antidote, likewise uptempo, it begins with some heavy drumming and is based on a fine riff. The lady herself says:

“An antidote is something that relieves or counteracts whatever is hurting you...My antidote is other men when the man I am the closest to hurts me so much. I’m only human. As far as technicalities go, I do play all of the guitars on the record. I have a lot of melody lines with harmonies, so of course we have to stack those tracks to achieve the sound I want to hear in those melodies. I also sing lead and background vocals, so we had to do the same there with the harmonies. The lowest voice you hear in the chorus, however, is the appropriately demonic background vocal of Brent Woods.”

From there we run into the first instrumental, that’s if you discount some background chanting; Exit The Warrior has a real Satriani feel to it.

Track 4 runs to over 5 minutes, and is the longest track on the album; the unorthodox spelling of Kringeworthy suggests it is a personal song rather than homage to Slade. According to Tara it is:

“absolutely a personal song, they all are, but this one in particular pertains to a very specific personality type that I have had to endure at one time or another. These are the guys that are incredibly arrogant, greedy and end up destroying any and all opportunities they may have been exposed to for a short time ultimately leaving them pathetic, without work and definitely alone at home. The Kringeworthy folks know exactly who they are.”

Best not push that one!

Banished From My Kingdom is clearly what would happen to Kringeworthy if he managed to get a foot in the door; this is followed by Gui-Tara-Rises, which as you might suspect is another instrumental. There is some excellent overdubbing, which does of course raise the question how it will be performed live.

Who is Unbreakable about?

“I was born Unbreakable!!! This track is an open letter to the trolls out there that have nothing better to do with their lives than hate on anyone that is succeeding at exactly what they never had the nerve to try themselves. They are nothing but jealous, irritating and worthless life forms. Like the song says, I’d have to care about what they say. I truly don’t. Cuz I’m Unbreakable”.

Hmm, right, on to track 8 after three and a half minutes of this.

Enigmatic - if you’re wondering who this is about, keep wondering, because it is an uptempo instrumental. This is followed by Trustless, which is about...her husband. He can’t be that trustless or he’d be her ex-husband, It’s probably best not to read too much into this but we can all think of someone who fits the bill, not necessarily in an intimate context.

Feckless Lock is the final track on the album, a fairly short instrumental.

Will you be able to see Tara Lynch live?

“We are actually working on everybody’s schedules and tour dates at this time. We will begin during 2018, late summer and continue on to support this album through 2019.”

She adds she has already begun writing the follow up. At sixty, Vinny Appice is the eldest member of her team, but age is not really an issue for the young at heart. Whoever she works with, this will be a tour worth waiting for.


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