℃-ute: The Journey to Success

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From energetic and cute aura to a very cool and sexy feeling. How did the very popular J-pop idol-group succeed their dream and became the "Best Performing Unit" among the idol group?
Let's find out!

The Beginning

The group ℃-ute was formed during the mid-year of 2005 with the remaining 7 members from the H!P kids. They are Yajima Maimi, Umeda Erika, Murakami Megumi, Nakajima Saki, Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato, and Hagiwara Mai.

Umeda Erika was appointed as the leader, but she declined. That made the 2nd oldest, Yajima Maimi, to be the one to lead the group.

During January 2006, Arihara Kanna who's from the H!P Kenshuusei.
The group started releasing their indie single which led them to their major debut. However, before they had their major debut, Murakami Megumi left the group suddenly without any graduation ceremony.

Major Debut Moment

C-ute released their 1st major single titled "Sakura Chirari" on February 21, 2007. It ranked 3rd in the release day on the Oricon Charts. They became the youngest group to be in the top 10 during their major debut with just an average age of 13. This single is the first one to have an Event V in the whole Hello!Project.

During the Japan Records Awards last December 2007, they were chosen as the "Best New Artist".

The Changing of C-ute's Line-up

Last July 10,2009, a very unexpected thing happened. The member, Arihara Kanna, left C-ute and Hello!Project without any graduation ceremony like Murakami. Not after 3 months, Umeda Erika graduated from the group to study of being a fashion model.

The group continued as a 5-nin. They released a single which was totally shocking for everyone named "Shock" since the solo lines of the song were given to one member only. It became the lowest selling single.

The Obstacles as a 5-nin Group

There were a lot of challenges of C-ute since they are now only have 5 members of the group. But this didn't stop them for working hard and developing their selves as a better idol.

Starting the year of 2010, C-ute overcame the obstacles: They have released different type of songs which thrilled the fans so much. Cool, sexy, fun, energetic, slow, cute or anything; C-ute can do anything than the other idol groups.

They once expressed their selves that being a 5-nin group is a pressure since they need to fill the big stage with the 5 of them only. Overcoming these pressures really made them as the best performing group in the H!P umbrella.

The Way to Success

The last stage of "℃-ute Concert Tour 2011 Spring ~Chou! Chou WONDERFUL Tour~" was broadcasted live in their Youtube Channel. This is the very first concert in Japan to be broadcasted on YT.

The music news provider BARKS praised Cute's "power performance" at the festival Idol Yokocho Matsuri on April 8, 2012 as being "overwhelming from beginning to end" and having demonstrated the "number one unity" out of all Hello! Project acts.

Not only that, Kawaii Girl Japan states that Cute has not only been acclaimed as "the best performer in the Hello! Project", but is also recognized as "the best live performer" or simply "the best performer" by fans of other idol groups. Reviewing the band's performance at the Nico Nico Chokaigi festival, held on April 28–29, 2012, the website is impressed by how Cute covered the entire stage, being both dynamic and delicate, and how the band kept the audience intrigued and captivated. Depending on the song, Cute members changed their face expressions from happy to sad, easily commanding the audience's mood.

During the release day of their 21st single "Crazy Kanzen na Otona" last April 21, 2013, Tsunku (the producer) made a very surprising announcement that C-ute will be performing in Nippon Budoukan which was a very big concert hall during the C-ute day (9/10). Having their dream came true really made them happy and this is a big success for them. It will also be their 200th performance since their debut. They will also a concert overseas for the first time and it will be in Paris.

The success of C-ute will continue, so let's support them everyone!

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