1 and Only thing I hate about my iPad

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My suggestion and feedback to Apple for a better document management is needed in iOS products

1 and Only thing I hate about my iPad

Over the years Apple products has become a sign of stability and user friendliness. This phenomenon has made Apple an iconic brand whose products gets sold out even before they hit the shelves. Apple with the introduction of iPhone and iPad has literary changed the way people uses personal gadgets. There are millions of extremely satisfied Apple customers worldwide.

But this article is not to exemplify the virtues of Apple products, but to point out 1 nagging disadvantage of iOS devices for which many Apple users are not completely satisfied with their iPhones or iPads.

An update in the document management process is a necessity

First of all let me clarify that I mostly do some light office work from my iPad. And by 'light' I mean, checking mails, doing minor changes to spreadsheets, and monitoring telecom towers so that they don't face outages. I don't like to use Laptop for these jobs as they are bulky and not at all easy to carry around. My iPad is a very much suitable and user friendly replacement to a conventional laptop for this type of light work.

But the moment I try to send mails, I start missing my Laptop. The other day I was trying to forward a mail with an attached spreadsheet, also I needed to attach a pdf to the same mail. But how much I tried I could not send those two documents on a single mail. The only option I got was to send two different mails. It is very frustrating when someone realize that his smartest gadget cant do a simple task of sending a mail with two documents in it.

Many people will say that I could have uploaded both the files in a cloud storage and then share the links of the files in a same mail. I would have readily done it, if my corporate policy has not banned cloud storage for data security reasons. I even tried to zip both the files in a single folder but it seemed that the applications did not have the support to zip two or more files in a single folder.

It is my earnest request to iOS developers to integrate better document management in the coming versions of iOS. It would help may Apple device users if documents with common extensions like .xlsx or .pdf can be universally accessed like the pictures and videos. It will immensely help to directly insert the documents as attachments from the native mailing apps. It will also help when someone ones to upload any document to a website directly, like a job seeker trying to upload his resume to a job portal.

Many people would have many other suggestions and feedback to Apple on ways to improve their products, but for me a better document management is the one and only issue which Apple needs to rectify and update.


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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
13th Jan 2014 (#)

I hear ya DW!
& Flash?!?!?!
We are lucky though, competition has always made everything, historically, evolve faster and often, better.
The tablet revolution is just starting!
I just want my flying car!
Only the best,

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author avatar Dark-Warrior
14th Jan 2014 (#)

"Flying car" ... nice wish, all problems relating to traffic jam will solve ;-)

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author avatar Legend
15th Jan 2014 (#)

I'm with dan on the flying car
I use android which has greater adaptability- but there are some advantages to apple...

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