10 Android apps that can be very useful

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Here are some great android applications you must try as some of them may be extremely beneficial for you

SVR- Secret Video Recorder

Great android app, extremely useful for situations you would love to have a spy camera.
This application is started by touching the icon, starting a secret recorder through your front or back camera in the required pre-defined resolution by you. The recording goes on in the background as you can do other tasks.

Audio Manager (Hide it Pro)

No seriously, you might think Audio Manager, but its an application HIDE IT PRO, this application allows you to hide your content, you can easily copy files and hide them away in your phone, using an app that no one knows what it is actually meant for as it shows Audio Manager and even the icon denotes an audio related app.
Another great feature of this app is to create a false password, which can be provided to show another fake profile which does not show your hidden content.

Wifi Kill

WiFi Kill gives you tremendous and unfair control over the WiFi network, this application allows you to block other users on the same WiFi network.This application is very useful to grab information about users on your WiFi network and block those users, it allows out o block multiple users too!

Titanium Backup

One of the best apps there are to back up data and ROM image of your device, backup can be stored anywhere, then recovered by using the same app to restore your data.


Yes, it is as simple as it sounds, but using the camera flash as a torch can bevery useful and an even simpler way is to use a widget providing the same feature.

X Plore

A great dual plane file manager, in my opinion the best file manger, free and best, ít is very easy and simple to use, functions such as different cloud storage, built in media player, built in text editors and ZIP, RAR manager, sharing files, internetconnection through wifi and LAN connection like features makes it all-in-one

SD Maid

Best way to clear up your SD Card storage. You can find duplicates, stry files, unused files , damaged files, leftover from deleted applications and clear the memory to free up space from your device.

DiskDigger Pro

Used to recover accidentally deleted files from your device. You can even recover files selectively by file types.

Droid Sheep

Ever wanted to hack someones account, or just use their account, not technically hack it, just make them use the same WiFi you are on, make them login to their account and you will get access to their account.

Network Spoofer

Fool your friends , by using this app you can change certain text, images, search results on the network!
Yes you can do it, while using the same LAN, a user will see the results you would like to show him, you can change images like the google Image for your own custom image, the results shown for your own keyword rather than originally searched by the user, this is done by intercepting the network and traffic data through your device, data through router will be changed on the targets device.

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