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Popular chat application WhatsApp full of hidden features. However, many users are not aware of it. Especially if you are a new user applications. WhatsApp Here are 11 hidden features that can enrich your conversation with the speaker via text.

1. Format the text

Not many know, WhatsApp allows users to modify the text by lightning. A letters, words, sentences, and even paragraphs, can be transformed into bold, italics, or strikethrough.

How do I change the text about? Users need to add some special character before and after the text anything you want formatted.

WhatsApp to bold text, use an asterisk (* bold *); then to tilt the text font using the underscore (_sloping_); and the text crossed out with a tilde (~ streak ~).

2. Sprinkle with a star

Never assume a message is very useful? You can give a star on it. Starring messages is how to flash back to the message, the better to simply look at the link phone numbers, addresses, or articles submitted by the interlocutors.

How to star the message is quite a long press on the message, then tap the star icon.

while to see starred messages that have been marked, on iOS devices select the Save tab along the bottom of the screen. As for Android users must press the Menu button, then select Message Starred.

3. Contacts most often exchange messages

Not everyone, but perhaps most enasaran WhatsApp users with whom you most exchange messages on WhatsApp? If you are using the app on your iPhone, it's easy to figure out.

Go to Settings> Data and Storage Usage> Usage Storage. Then contact list will appear at the top is the most frequent contact mingle, aka the greatest use your storage. To find out more detailed reports, press on each contact to see statistics such as the number of messages exchanged, images, GIF and so on.

Meanwhile, to see the same info on the Android users can go to Settings> Chat> Chat History> Email Chat.

4. Check the details of the message

Ever wonder why your friend does not respond to your message? Curious message when you get to his smartphone or exactly when your message is read?

Info can you get by shifting the message you send to the left to see the statistics earlier in the iPhone. As for the Android users can press a bit long in the message, then press the "info" icon at the top of the screen.

5. Mute conversation

When watching the film to the cinema or to a meeting, do not forget to turn mute (silence) WhatsApp. Mute very useful to mute the sound notification of a friend or a group conversation chatty.

To mute, Android users can press chat a little longer, then tap the speaker icon cross at the top of the screen. While iPhone users have to open up a conversation, then press the name of the contact or group at the top of the screen followed by selecting the Mute option.

In addition to the above, WhatsApp also provides the option to disable chat notifications during certain time periods, ranging from 8 hours up to 1 year.

6. Hide status last visible

you can find out whether a contact WhatsApp still active or not by looking at the last time he was online, just below the name. But it turns out, many users who want the opposite, do not want to know the last time she was online.

If you do not want friends or acquaintances you know when the last time you seen online? Just go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Last visible.

There, WhatsApp provides three options for who can see your latest status online: Everyone, just friends only, nobody.

7. Disable receipt

Besides hide online last time, users can also disable receipt message has been read. By doing so, the other person will not know if you've read a message from him or not.

how the setting? Go to Settings> Account> Privacy and uncheck the box next to Read Signs.

Keep in mind, when you enable this feature, the automatic will also prevent you see the status of other people read. So you do not know whether your message has been read by him or not. Except for Group Chat, he still would use a message has been read.

8. Do not store photos and video by default

A chat group often become a means of sharing photos and videos, which often, we do not need. At the default settings, you will keep all the media files shared on WhatsApp, either through a private line or line group.

It is certainly annoying. Moreover, the photo or video gallery so meet in the phone. Well, you can prevent your photos and videos we had entered into storage, by turning off the auto-save.

On your iPhone, go to Settings> Store Media Chats and change the incoming Off.

On Android, go to Settings> Data Usage> When Using Mobile Data> Uncheck all. Then do the same thing in option When Using WiFi connection, as well as when roaming.

9. Use WhatsApp on your computer

To use WhatsApp is necessary cellular card number, the pliers automatic use in smartphones. However, users can also exchange messages via computer, especially when you want to send files that exist in the memory of your laptop or PC.

Indeed, not many people know, you can use WhatsApp on your computer pretty easily.

How, select an option in the Web WhatsApp mobile applications, then visit web.whatsapp.com on your computer, and scan the QR code on your PC via your cell phone. Done.

Once logged on the PC, you can still send messages from smartphones and PCs.

10. Custom Notifications

If you set the sound for each incoming message, you can also set a different sound for each contact. By doing so, you can find out who is sending WhatsApp messages without even looking at the screen smartphone.

How to set a different sound notif for Android users is by pressing the Menu icon in a series of chat, followed by View Contacts> Custom Notifications.

For those who use WhatsApp on your iPhone, tap the contact name in a series of chat, then Custom Notifications.

11. Export conversations

If you ever feel a WhatsApp message is very important, you can save and send via email. How, in a conversation in Android, press the Menu button followed by More> Email Chat.

On the iPhone, in a series of chat, press contacts at the top of the screen, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Export Chat contacts.

Not necessarily all the messages, both on Android and iOS, WhatsApp gives the option to export the messages, with or without a media file that is in the range of chat.

May 11 hidden features WhatsApp above, you can maximize the exchange of messages from now. | selular.id


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