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When visiting Los Angeles, be sure to stop by 3Twenty Wine Lounge and Restaurant for a real treat of healthy and exciting cuisine. You will be well pleased!

Coffee, Me and Edgar make Three.......

Flouncing along La Brea Avenue one windy day and looking for a great cup of coffee which, by the way, is rather difficult to find in Los Angeles, I happened upon a rather stark building and being the warrior that I am, I knocked on the door and asked a young lady there if they served coffee and was it any good! She told me that they only made french presse café ..pleased I was to hear this.

It was rather late in the afternoon so after glancing around this quite provocative wine lounge I went on my merry way. I had noticed a young man sitting in a deep, red velvet chair sipping on a glass of wine at 3.30pm and knowing the habits of people who love their wine no matter what time of day or night, I decided I must return…a quick glance at their menu also helped me to that decision.

I did return for the best coffee in town a few days later and got chatting with the owner, Edgar Poureshagh, a very interesting and educated person. He was, in fact, the young man I had seen sipping wine. We spoke of many things – food, wine and the Assyrian empire which we are both very fond of and after telling him I wrote restaurant pieces, I decided 3Twenty would be a grand place to write about.

A couple of nights later, I dined there with my nephew whom I have taught to enjoy good food although ofttimes we eat at my home as I am a great cook and prefer the quality of fresh organic foods that I buy to what many restaurants serve nowadays.

All produce is locally sourced and some brought fresh from the Santa Monica market, chosen most carefully. The chef, Nicole Ball, really knows her stuff, has a long background in food preparation and prepares a small but choice menu. Edgar Poureshagh not only prefers using local produce but insists on the best quality as he and his family eat there too. He is also a certified Sommelier and his knowledge of wine is incredible.

is an intimate dining space with granite walls that coexist with the bare bricks of the original building. Teak tables and beige leather chairs are grouped not to near together under pyramid shaped crystal balls hanging from the ceiling and lighting the dining scene. Flat silverware is wrapped in black napkins and with glass goblets share the table space. Nothing else…nada!!

Being so knowledgeable about wines, Edgar has chosen many interesting and fine wines, reds, whites and rose from across the world. These are artfully displayed on racks behind the bar. All of the wines are from family owned wineries and are facilitated by the Enomatic machines which are handmade in Italy, and use Argon gas to preserve the wines. The wines are poured in 50ml increments, which equates to about 1.75 ounces.
These wines have justly added to the reputation of 3Twenty bringing wine connoisseurs from far and wide to enjoy the meritorious wines Edgar chooses so meticulously for his patrons.
It is also great to see young men and women walking around trying different selections in order to educate their palates.


This has been cleverly designed into cheese, from the ground and small plates.
Each section has various choices making it easy to select the dishes that most catch your fancy and titillate your taste buds.

A delicious composite of with a dab of spicy quince jam and walnuts sided by a warm walnut raisin bread roll
Cow’s milk Cheddar from California
Humbold Fog goat cheese fermented in vegetal ash
Triple cream Brie from France
Tombe de Savoir, an aged sheep milk cheese from France

Creamy white Italian Burrata with a pungent olive tapenade and garlic confit is definitely a must to order.

Sliced baby beets, orange and dark red in a fragrant olive oil vinaigrette with roquefort cheese, candied pecans and fresh arugula leaves.
A tasty mix of spicy arugula and treviso radicchio topped with shaved parmesan and pine nuts.
Baby gem lettuce plated with avocado, cucumber slices and a buttermilk dressing.
Creamy Butternut squash soup with a dollop of crème fraiche

An intricate white bean and mushroom bruschetta with crispy bacon.
Softly braised lamb atop a delicate goat cheese poutine.-. French fries covered in curd cheese with fresh green arugula..a delightful dish.
Three Pots dish of crispy chickpeas with rosemary, a colourful melange of warm herbed olives, gruyere infused crackers.
Bowl of steamed mussels in an aromatic garlic and ale soup served with slices of pungent dark rye bread.
Sizzling skillet steak with Roquefort butter.

The wines served with the above were a lovely Spanish sparkling Cava with a touch of Chardonnay grape; a slightly frizzante Italian Prosecco; Pinot Noir from Burgundy and a Muller Thurgau from Alto Adige near the Italian border.

Each dish served by knowledgeable waiters was a delightful experience of many tastes and textures blended together by Chef Nicole’s masterful knowledge of food combining and expertise.

The freshness of the produce came zinging through and there was no need to hide anything with rich complicated sauces.

Credits, Address and all that good stuff.....

3Twenty Wine Lounge is located at 320 South La Brea Avenue between third and fourth street in los angeles and there is lots of street parking and valet as well…
tel: 323.932-9500

there is a youtube video of 3Twenty and Edgar for you to watch

and do check other of my articles on wikinut.com...click on cnwriter
at the top of this page and good sailing.....


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Mar 2012 (#)

thank you Johnny for doing this so quickly

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19th Mar 2012 (#)

This place seems like a real find to you Carolan, and what an informative article this is! The food sounds divine and what a great experience this must have been..

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Mar 2012 (#)

itwas, it is and Edgar is incredible...

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author avatar Delicia Powers
19th Mar 2012 (#)

Sounds very lovely, thank you CN...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Mar 2012 (#)

ta Delicia for perusing it...have a wonderful day..

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author avatar Buzz
19th Mar 2012 (#)

Great mouth-watering review, dear friend, so enjoyable to read. Thank you and take care.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Mar 2012 (#)

You too my friend...lovely seeing you on FB too

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20th Mar 2012 (#)

thank you again Buzz...I was amazed that by adding a poem to My Ode to Camelot
Mark gave me a star page!!!!
oh oh oh!

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