5 Cool Household Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier

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There are tons of things that might annoy you around the house and here is a list of five interesting solutions.


Every home needs certain essential appliances and devices - let’s call them every day necessities – things like a washer and drier, oven, TV, computer, etc. These are the things that we simply can’t live without in this day and age, but with technological improvements and new trends come more and more useful gadgets that make life just a little bit easier and more enjoyable. We now have room for some more “essential” devices in our homes, devices that cater to real needs and concerns of the modern world. Let’s look at a few important household items that no modern home should be without.

Automatic espresso machine

Evidently, over half of Americans over the age of eighteen are coffee drinkers, which surprises no one, as most of us would have guessed an even higher number. A quick cup of coffee to get our biological engine started in the morning or a relaxing latte after a meal; these are habits so many of us share. Not so long ago, you had to go to a coffee shop to enjoy a good espresso, but these days you can get a decent espresso machine for a couple of hundred dollars and brew your very own delicious magic potion at home.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Ever since I saw the robot maid Rosie on The Jetsons I couldn’t shake of the idea of how cool it would be to have a little robot helper around the house. The kind of robot vacuums we now have available are hardly a complex artificial intelligence and only do one task, but they do it fairly well, and it’s the one task no one bothers doing until it is completely necessary. These little guys are great for people with pets, as they will vacuum up hairs on the go and give your little buddy something to play with when you are too tired.

Tank-less water heater

We can all agree that we waste too much water on simple tasks like brushing our teeth or shaving, but a lot of energy is also wasted on heating all that water and keeping it hot and ready for use. A tank-less water heater works a bit differently – it heats up the water as it passes through and it is only active when a faucet is turned on. You can have multiple faucets connected to it and being that it is only on for a limited amount of time, it can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill. It’s a green and cost-effective alternative.

Smart food scale

The most annoying thing about watching what you eat, whether your losing weight and just want to eat healthier, is that it takes quite a bit of work to find all the nutritional information you need. There is also a lot of weighing or estimating going on, but with a smart food scale, you can customize your desired macro-nutrients and total calories based on the data for each type of food and the weight of your portion. Everything shows up on your tablet, with a nifty doughnut chart and all the numbers you need, and you can make adjustments on the fly.

Rotatable multi-outlet socket

A big source of frustration for a lot of people, myself included, are intertwined cables and a multi-socket outlet that you can’t fit your charger in, even though there is a free socket. You have to shift things around, which means turning something off or look for another place to plug the cable in. Well, I don’t know what all those engineers and scientists were waiting for all this time, but there is finally a great and practical design to address this simple, yet very irritating problem. All the sockets are separated into cubes that can be connected together or removed, and they can all rotate for a full 3600. This thing is a veritable gift from the heavens for all the tech junkies out there.

HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system

Unfortunately each and every one of us is very well acquainted how the extreme weather conditions can have a negative impact on your life. Regardless whether it is too hot or too cold, it would be a real issue for us to be exposed to such conditions, even in the safety of our home. HVAC system can efficiently regulate these temperatures, as well as, the humidity of the atmosphere within your house or apartment. All one needs to do is clean his or her HVAC system, on regular basis, in order for the HVAC unit to last longer.


There may be some very cool new gadgets that didn’t make the list, but based on both personal preference and polling random people from my circle of friends, these five devices were deemed the most practical for a modern household. Feel free to leave some unique suggestions of your own in the comments.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
20th Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing such a great article. I have a robot vacuum and I love it. Great tips.

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author avatar Retired
26th Aug 2014 (#)

Nice article explaining some pretty useful gadgets. For me, the priority item on the list would be the coffee machine.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
3rd Jun 2016 (#)

Looks cool, havent seen one but i like how pers interact with this like an electric chair or throne to check thei domain hahaha!

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