5 Things that Make You Overeat

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Did you ever feel you still want to eat after you done with your dinner? Or maybe you eat something to much until you can't standing anymore? Find out why people being overeating!

5 Things that Make You Overeat

To much fat on your body? And you feel you're eating to much? If it's yes, it mean you should read this article
1. Eating Tools
It's about your plate, your glass and even your spoon, how can it be? It's maybe looks very simple, but it's better to change your plate to a smaller size, because peoples usually make their plate full of foods and eat that, so, if you have a smaller plate, you can fill your plate with less foods too but you will still feel satisfied.

2. Your Feeling
Human's feeling can interrupt their food habits, for example, if you feel to much happy, you will eat so much more than you think, and if you're in good mood and feel too hungry, you can be overeating, there's also some peoples that overeating when they feel sad, so, you better control your emotion before you start eating.

3. Your Friends
Yes, your eating friends can make you being overeating, how? It's because they can offer you their foods or maybe just make you interesting with their foods and make you want to eat that foods even you're already done with your own plate, you can't control what they want to eat, but you better control yourself and never let your friends make you being overeating.

4. Colors
Colors can make you being overeating, because colors also have a strong connection with your hungry feeling and your happiness, for example, blue, if you eat in a blue room, you will eat less.

5. Location
Location is another things that make you overeating, if you eat in a restaurant, and you can see so many foods there, you will feel want to eat all of that, and some people when they are alone in home, they can eat more than they realize.

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