7 Little Words Robots Level Answers

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Here you can find the answers for the 7 Little Words Robots Level.

7 Little Words Robots Level Answers

Robots Quiz 01 Answers:

considers anew - REANALYZES
with prudence CANNILY
ornate manner - FANCINESS
acts punitively - PENALIZES
inability to red - ILLITERACY
in a rush - HURRYING

Robots Quiz 02 Answers:
anticipation - WAITING
intend to - SHALL
like a native speaker - FLUENTLY
sneaker brand - NIKE
Cuban dance - RHUMBA
set side by side - COLLOCATED

Robots Quiz 03 Answers:

Jackie Kennedy's maiden name - BOUVIER
hardship - ASPERITY
sustain - PERPETUATE
Ang Lee and Spike Lee - FILMMAKERS
fishtanks - AQUARIA
onetime data-entry worker - KEYPUNCHER

Robots Quiz 04 Answers:

lditarod starting place - ANCHORAGE
filled out - PLUMPED
enormous - TITANIC
left alone, as a sickness - UNTREATED
strikes out - EXPUNGES
exceptional talent - GIFTEDNESS

Robots Quiz 05 Answers:

more satiny - SILKIER
bears witness (to) - ATTESTS
issued forth - SPURTED
rid of, as inventory - LIQUIDATED
military lodging - BARRACK
bore - ENDURED
some ice coffee beverages - FRAPPES

Robots Quiz 06 Answers:

has a nosh - SNACKS
bear of children's books - PADDINGTON
made trolley noises - CLANGED
not hardcover - PAPERBOUND
bursts of wind - GUSTS
croquet items - MALLETS
strip in the Middle East - GAZA

Robots Quiz 07 Answers:

dumbfounding - BOGGLING
hitchhikers use them - THUMBS
formal accusations - INDICTMENTS
Best Picture of 1931 - CIMARRON
leanings - TENDENCIES
remove from restraints - UNFETTER
underground group - SUBCULTURE

Robots Quiz 08 Answers:

stag topper - ANTLER
going to bed - RETIRING
thick cuts - SLABS
part of a football helmet - CHINSTRAP
measuring cup material - PYREX
features of a canal - LOCKS
major language in India - BENGALI

Robots Quiz 9 Answers:

dwindle - WANE
former Bears linebacker Mike - SINGLETRAY
like Quasimodo - HUNCHBACKED
type of sweater - CREWNECK
veteran TV journalist Diane - SAWYER
most like melted snow - SLUSHIEST
cleaning the deck, say - SWABBING

Robots Quiz 10 Answers:

nonconformist, for short - BOHO
armpatch, for example - INSIGNIAS
back muscle - RHOMBOID
relating to feel - TEXTURAL
carnival game with pegs - RINGTOSS
annual bird flight - MIGRATION
honest and direct - FORTHRIGHT

Robots Quiz 11 Answers:

chorus activity - SINGING
miscellaneous items - STUFF
was plentiful - ABOUNDED
the P in HP - PACKARD
without strong morals - CORRUPTIBLE
potential spouses - SUITORS
swamp reptile, briefly - CROC

Robots Quiz 12 Answers:

noisy, like a storm - THUNDERY
"The Elements" singer Tom - LEHRER
clearly showed - EVINCED
more schlocky - CHEESIER
doing very well - SUCCEEDING
have a loud cry - BOOHOO
the M in GM - MOTORS

Robots Quiz 13 Answers:

trash compactor, for example - CRUSHER
sunny travel destination - TROPICS
Italian explorer Sebastian - CABOT
the study of meaning - SEMANTICS
scared cry - YIKES
without restrictions - UNHINDERED

Robots Quiz 14 Answers:

longtime Nickelodeon cartoon - RUGRATS
in a dreadful way - ABYSMALLY
Mexican island - COZUMEL
team from Tennessee - TITANS
lacking sight - EYELESS
inactive period - DOWNTIME
Oscars host Billy - CRYSTAL

Robots Quiz 15 Answers:

fluffy dessert - MOUSSE
conglomerations - MIXTURES
game show players - CONTESTANTS
they reveal plot points - SPOILERS
in really a weird way - FREAKILY
record holder - SPINDLE
12-year-olds, e.g. - PRETEENS

Robots Quiz 16 Answers:

fast-food breakfast option - MCMUFFIN
makes a selection - CHOOSES
struck out - FANNED
some sodas - COLAS
hardest to pin down - DODGIEST
Superman's secret identity - KENT
hoity-toity - SNOBBY

Robots Quiz 17 Answers:

insurance worker - UNDERWRITER
huge numbers - DROVES
Indiana university - PURDUE
applause - CLAPPING
stymies - THWARTS
noted Olympic swimmer Mark - SPITZ
hitting softly, in baseball - BUNTING

Robots Quiz 18 Answers:

handling's partner - SHIPPING
attacked all of a sudden - AMBUSHED
skin problem - PSORIASIS
sent a telegram - CABLED
ancestry paths - BLOODLINES
cutting 50% - HALVING
flyleaf components - ENDPAPERS

Robots Quiz 19 Answers:

bug killer - FLYSWATTER
tidy person - NEATKIN
African country - MALAWI
person from the same land - COUNTRYMAN
economist Milton - FRIEDMAN
nodding off - DOZING
looking over - EYEBALLING

Robots Quiz 20 Answers:

illegible scrawl - SQUIGGLE
shopping centers - MALLS
folk artist "Grandma" - MOSES
brand of motor oil - VALVOLINE
like some elections - MAYORAL
adding light to - BRINGHTENING
thickest quality - BEEFINESS

Robots Quiz 21 Answers:

occurs simultaneously - COINCIDES
powerful desire - YEARNING
sheetrock material - DRYWALL
Mr. Met and others - MASCOTS
in a curious manner - INQUIRINGLY
largest city in Montana - BILLINGS
basics - RUDIMENTS

Robots Quiz 22 Answers:

Indianapolis NFL team - COLTS
military postponing - DEFERMENT
sports numbers, perhaps - STATS
not out of the question - IMAGINABLE
raspy sound - HOARSENESS
reversal - SWITHCEROO
multivitamin ingredient - IRON

Robots Quiz 23 Answers:

Asian flower - HYDRANGEA
money-raising events - TELETHONS
threw with efforts - HEAVED
all work and no play - DULL
capital of Queensland - BRISBANE
traffic jam's result - SLOWDOWN
silly behavior - GOOFINESS

Robots Quiz 24 Answers:

kind of boom - SONIC
algebra and calculus - MATHEMATICS
bringing up - LIFTING
not deserved - UNWARRANTED
from Sucre or La Paz, say - BOLIVIAN
patellas - KNEECAPS
tried to find oil - DRILLED

Robots Quiz 25 Answers:

shenanigans - HIJINKS
last longer than - OUTLIVE
Travelocity competitor - ORBITZ
handling badly - MISSMANAGING
range of hills in England - COTSWOLDS

Robots Quiz 26 Answers:

manic fits - HYSTERICS
golds tightly - CLINCHES
make a while new version of - REIMAGINE
does a slow burn - SMOLDERS
goes across - SPANNING
precarious quality - SHAKINESS
browses (through) – LEAFS

Robots Quiz 27 Answers:

Played in the pool -SPLASHED
Like some twins -IDENTICAL
The Amish raise them -BARNS
Fix a hem, for example -RESTITCH
Come backs -RETORTS
“Come Monday” singer jimmy- BUFFET
More expensive - COSTLIER

Robots Quiz 28 Answers:

Twilight -GLOAMING
Running out - EXPIRING
Unfriendly Feeling - CHILLINGNESS
Veteran T.V actor alan -ALDA
In a kultzy way -CLUMSILY
Fastened as a dead bolt -LATCHED
Asthma medication brand -LONASE

Robots Quiz 29 Answers:

Adult male gorilla -SILVERBACK
2011 Internet prank meme - PLANKING
Fix a piano in a way - RETUNE
Dime novels - PULPS
Greets the day -RISES
Impairment - DISABILITY
Looked over - EYED

Robots Quiz 30 Answers:

Not printed by hand - TYPEWRITTEN
Set on fire -IGNITED
Unctuous quality -SMARMINESS
Pregnancy -GESTATION
Getting hold of -OBTAINING
Like most of driver’s licences - LAMINATED

Robots Quiz 31 Answers:

Pampering - CODDLING
Natalie of “West side story” - WOOD
Misfortune - WHAMMY
Snappy comebacks - RIPOSTES
Beach parties, sometimes - LUAUS
More MENSA –worthy - SMARTER
Unable to succeed - SNAKEBITTEN

Robots Quiz 32 Answers:

Everywhere - OMNIPRESTNT
Supreme Court members - JUSTICES
Gave a piddling offer - LOWBALLED
Visa rival, for short - AMEX
Willamette University team - BEARCATS
Part of our solar system - JUPITER
Used a sauna - SWEATED

Robots Quiz 33 Answers:

Heidi Klum’s profession - MODELING
They outline tactics - PLAYBOOKS
Moved to a new land - EMIGRATED
Free in a way - UNCHAIN
Accommodating - OBLINGING
Cherishes - LOVES
Philippines language - TAGALOG

Robots Quiz 34 Answers:

Mortgage players - HOMEOWNERS
Multiplied by three - TREBLED
Unscrupulous capitalists - PROFITEERS
Besmirched - SULLIED
TV sci-fi writer rod - SERLING
Shatterproof material - PLEXIGLAS
Geronimo was one - APACHE

Robots Quiz 35 Answers:

Wherever - ANYPLACE
Touching on - ABUTTING
Encyclopaedias and such - REFERENCES
Odometer’s place - DASHBOARD
Suitability - APTNESS
Climbs - ASCENDS
Miami NBA team - HEAT

Robots Quiz 36 Answers:

Makes a sweater - KNITS
Kind of logical argument - SYLLOGISM
In a brazen manner -SHAMELESSLY
Not wowed at all -UNIMPRESSED
Brand of heart burn remedy -TAGAMET
Persistently annoying -PLAGUING
Standard methods -PROCEDURES

Robots Quiz 37 Answers:

Rival of Borg and Connors -MCENROE
Crumple (up) - SCRUNCH
Comedian Chelsea -HANDLER
Unkind act -DISSERVICE
Lost weighted -SLIMMED
Relating to small particles -MOLECULAR

Robots Quiz 38 Answers:

Tina fey wears them - EYEGLASSES
Most tasteless - TACKIEST
In one’s dotage - SENILE
Going by plane - JETTING
Shoe faintly - GLIMMERED
Jaunts in stolen cars - JOYRIDES
Displaying grief - WEEPING

Robots Quiz 39 Answers:

Certain desert plants -TUMBLEWEEDS
Tended the kids - BABYSAT
Contingency plan - RECOURSE
Throwing some punches - JABBING
It’s not stereo - MONO
Tomfoolery - SHENANIGANS
Doodads - GADGETS

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