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Book review on an art & poetry book collaborated by 9 authors of different perspectives.

Book Review: On The Wings O' Butterflies

This is a book old enough to be forgotten in the bookstore shelves or even in archives of e-book collection.It's been in virtual publication for over 2 years now. Chelcking the details however is like a fresh buffet in one hall of a hotel with several functions and rediscovering this room gives a reader a new event to experience before even tasting the first food in the table. Enter "On The Wngs O' Butterflies" This poetry-art book is a threshold of more than 162 poems of nine (9) fine-artist poets from around the globe namely:

"9 Artist, hundreds of Poems and a dozens of Artworks"

• Chaline Ouellet
• Maria Disley
• Christopher Gaston
• Edgar "Saigon" De Castro
• Ed Meredith
• Thao Chuong
• Jacob King
• Xoanxo Cespon
• Kevin Callahan

I finally have the copy last Christmas, 2 years after it's first publication. my hard bond copy is another generic coffee table book seems destined for quick browsing. For the casual reader the cover seems not enticing enough because of the aesthetic design was not made for common folks. Oddly enough would not even jibe to the title. Seems a great mishap to invite the business person or guest to even open the first page. However for a book lover and matured person with reserves and manages their time well enough to distinguish a trash from gold this book is another treasure. Checking the book synopsis at the glossy jacket, a reader is presented to be enthralled as captured audience. The content is varied enough to reflect the number of authors featured. One can imagine what force of theirs industry bind them to ignore the personalities, egoes and doldrum of balancing possible whims of each other. Alas, this is not a hollywood movie, where billings are as important for the prima donnas and starlets to reconsider the paycheck that reflect their importance than the role they gave for the project. These are artists of two traditional medium -poetry and fine arts. It's hard to imagine the paraded different paintngs medium has one common thing interest to hold them - poetry. True enough, these poets provide readers with a global perspective on different topics from the whole spectrum of thinking and writing process including a rare view of more thanof the 9 artist hundreds of poem and dozens of art works done in different medium, styles and various subjects. Unlike a novel, where one can get hooked be mad enough to try finishing one book in one sitting this book presents a break from each authors work even provided with a rare glimpse of their artistic psyche, as attempted by the selected artworks accompanied in the capsulized biography. Their colorful vision of the world around them certainly has a positive impact -sans the esoteric and meta physical messages -on the way that they perceive and express in poetic words. The hundreds of poetry are at times tedious as it gives an unhealthy comparison from one authorship style and mastery of the language to another. However this collection is distinctive as those poets are from a wide range of political, social, religious, and racial backgrounds in America, Asia, Australia, & Europe makes the reading more encompassing to appreciate the achieved writing tour de force. Over all, it's a treat to everyone regardless of age and nationalities. It's like being carried on one mythical creature under it's kaleidoscopic range of colors that promise a reading adventure as aptly as the title: On the Wings O' Butterflies.

Available in e-book and printed version of various cover from blurb.com

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author avatar GenkiWorld
11th Jan 2015 (#)

gret book review, thank you for sharing it. sounds like a book i would really enjoy reading :)

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
12th Jan 2015 (#)

@genkiworld thank you for appreciating my review. It is one great book and a superb deal like buying 9 books at a price of 1!

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author avatar Eno Jubril
17th Feb 2015 (#)

Great authors in one book...any follow up on this huge successful project?

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
4th Jun 2016 (#)

Thank you Eno!

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author avatar Fatime
24th Feb 2015 (#)

Nice collection of poetry in one book and thanks for the review.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
4th Jun 2016 (#)

Thanks Ms.Fatime

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author avatar LostAngel
13th Jul 2015 (#)

Great book!

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
4th Jun 2016 (#)

Glad for your appreciation LostAngel!

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