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Crysis™, a sci-fi first person shooter exclusively for PC. The core of the game is its storyline set 2019 where this hostile earth is in a bermuda colossal collision.

Genre Focus

It has been a struggle for years, morphing from different game genres - realistic to sci-fi that would make a piercing mark and an echoing response to game enthusiasts. Never had the achievements of the gaming industry reached this far and superb, until the release of the monstrous gaming rig wrecker CRYSIS™. It isn’t really surprising to know that the makers of the award-winning PC game of 2007 is the colossus Electronic Arts. EA™ has been a behemoth when it comes to electronic game development could be of different game consoles—Xbox, Playstation, PC and PSP’s.

Crysis' Game Core

Crysis™, a sci-fi first person shooter exclusively for PC upon its primal release date. Rated R18, due to the in-game language and the mature war-game orientation. Crysis™ has realistically defined game setting and stunning game elements engineered under advanced syntaxes.

Game Engine

The game uses a third party engine CryEngine2® created by Crytek® Industries GMbh®. CryEngine2® uses fixtures of Polybump that makes shadowing and vectors as detailed and real as it could look. A considerably inducted creation of symmetrical polygons of every visual element, from foregrounds of trees, explosions, combat and armory vehicles, bodies of water and terrains, and background details recognizably defined. Maximum game! - as Crytek® implies, is not just about visuals but it bi-angles the interleaving of highly defined audio in Dolby Digital sound platform. A bit of a negative impulse from really hard core gamers - not everyone could experience the thrill-play of Crysis due to upgrade-demanding PC specification requirements. If you would want to get a taste of the game, you would deal with a complete upgrade on your PC or get to purchase a brand new system packed with Dual Core processors, alike- Corsair DRAMS and GPUs which support Pixel Shaders for DX9 and DX10. Although every game has an option to make graphics and audio quality at a quite minimum configuration just to make the game playable for low-end PCs, but an argument to that, you’d feel lame play if you’d not get the chance to set the config on its maximum, leaving you to just experience the game without being stunned by its close to perfect graphical presentation and realistic sound details.

Futuristic Storyline

The core of the game is its storyline set 2019 where this hostile earth is in a bermuda colossal collision. Korea is trying to take over the world, working on a project that is considerably underground, you are to deal with them for you just to find out in the end that the real brats are alienetic elements trying to invade the earth. As a threat to humanitarian security, the United States hailed action offhand…dispatched their elite forces unit codenamed Raptor. A genius incorporation of a cybernetic army with advanced technological physical armory system tagged as Nanosuits. A Nanosuit is an artificial armory which clothes you in like latex. The suit takes vein reactions from your physique. These individually designed Nanosuit allows the primary character of the game to switch from different suit modes according to various mission types. Option to go stealth (Cloak Mode), enhance strength going over an incredibly bionic physique (Maximum Strength), a suit option that fuels your human torque engines to go double the agility and speed (Maximum Speed) and a default suit (Maximum Power)which makes atomic compression exceed the scientific calculations of generics that makes an army of weaponry seemingly substandard against.

Gear Load Down

Crysis™ incorporated a wide range of advanced tactical weaponry that makes each mission enthusiastically a reconnaissance depending on available and collectible weapons on field: Duplex range binoculars, grenade launcher fix-on-barrel FY71, upgradable to whatever configuration the gamer prefers. RPGs are also available for blasting down enemy choppers and tanks with marine style sniper sights. Binoculars with percentage zooming and fully customizable weapons from laser and grenade launcher attachments, with two ammunition class, the standard FY71 ammo and the FY71 incendiary ammo which ignites enemy grounds like an wooden matchstick.

At first you would get to somehow say that the game is closely alike that of Counter Strike… a boring common point zoom-and-shoot game, but hold up till you get to the real combat zone! What makes the game roar is the inclusion of vehicle maneuverability. Action packed that you get to board speedboats to go across sea borders for offshore missions, gun along ships on a sea vessel fights, when your ship’s close to explode, dive on the expanse of a lake or sea to swim, keep your head down a bit deeper because if enemy spotted you, they would gun you to death with graphically detailed bullet traces splashing on the waters. Off-road military 6x trucks and 4×4 jeeps would be your road razor to rake a gatecrash through an enemy camp close enough to experiencing Twisted Metal Black™ on a PC. Quite hard to be steering with the D-keys at the same time aiming cannons with the Mouse because you get to drive off while firing at opposite directions.

Cinematics and Cut-scenes

As the game beckons, what you are to take down is the North Korean KPA units which held captive American doctors, father and daughter Dr. Rosenthal. As you’re in game you’d fake a feel of SOLO™ taking the mission alone, but to some certain levels you get to be with your SF Unit battling against several enemies together. You get to engage on intel missions, with silent tactical penetration, hatefully wipe bad guys’ ass only to know that dreary aliens are to come surprisingly on the dead end! What the h@#l? Aliens? You started the game experiencing everything in full realism just to know that in the end you are to war with aliens with their incomprehensible baby-talk!? Who would want to fight aliens anyway? Well, it is quite reasonable… it’s a Sci-Fi FPS game… of course there are scientifically unexplainable and physically disoriented species that you’d be battling, dueling with aliens though is much better than gunning and firing demo charges at gigantic spiders and talking cockroaches. Besides aliens are somehow existent as they say, a bit close to realism somehow!

Cinematics are highly incorporated on every cut scenes completing a movie-like storyline on each and every level of every chapter, making the game Crysis™ highly exceptional. Korean enemies speaks in English with their native accented tongue that somehow makes game internationally oriented not just for U.S. audiences but for the general gaming community.


The Nanosuit is the game’s highlight that makes a player adapt to every mission circumstance to survive, though patterned to a conventional Power Ranger™ morphing concept but it is intellectually blended into the game making it close to being possibly real. Rattling frontlines with zero visibility going on cloak to snatch in RPG’s, precision rifles with different grenades and charges, plus an option to grab and throw enemies for a silent kill. When everything goes to zero ammo, you can play barehanded taking the peewees down mano a mano. Air, terrain, and sea combat are supported by specific and specialized weapons and military combat vehicles with real imaginably possible actions. With all these game elements combined into a single colossal title Crysis™, no wonder this hell yeah, Crysis™ gets to be awarded as the best PC Game of 2007 of the PC game critics… compelling. As a responsive marketing action, to not cut the eagerly timeline of fans being electronically shocked by the game, EA released the 2nd Crysis™ installment Crysis Warhead™ not even close to a series’ sequential expanse.

Load Up GamePlay

If you consider yourself a real hardcore gamer, but you haven’t get to play the game yet…well shame on you? For those who has got the chance to secure a copy, get to boot up those dual execution core system and hit the D-Keys on your Logitech® Keyboard. Power up your 5.1 audio towers and load that game disc…“Tactical sight lasers powered and silencers screwed… targets on zero grounds. Orders… to gather KPA intel and rescue father and daughter Dr. Rosenthal. SMG’s and Pistols loaded, FY71 customized with primary and incendiary ammos… grenades and smoke bombs packed… Now alter your Nanosuit to Maximum Power, let’s burn and wreck your gaming rig real hard on a Maximum Game™, be ready to adapt, engage and survive with — Crysis”.

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13th Dec 2010 (#)

Looks like a cool game, I will have to have a look out for this!

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14th Dec 2010 (#)

It's a really cool game Krrymarie... I enjoyed it a lot, spent my 48 hours completing CRYSIS, and the ending called out for a sequel... If you're into FPS, then this would take down CS, but still HALO rules!

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