A Review of, The Horror Book

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When we have read the horror book and put it aside, whichever time of day, or night, it is; that is when things really start to get interesting.

A Review of, The Horror Book

Whether we like to admit it or not, but the fact is, that everyone loves to pick up a Horror Book and have a good scare every now and then. There is a psychological reason behind this. We like to believe that we have a sense of control over it. The horror book is at our peril and mercy. We choose whether to read it and how far to read it.
When we have read the horror book and put it aside, whichever time of day, or night, it is; that is when things really start to get interesting. For whatever we have read, it has manifested into our memory-banks and when we close our eyes at night, be assured, it will play in our minds, in the form of a nightmare. The interesting thing is, that the more engrossed you get into the book, the more you are adding in your mind.
We live in a society full of real horror, which we read about in the newspapers and hear on the radio, watch on the t..v, practically every single day of our lives, so we are constantly reminded of the real life horror, like when there is a huge flood or earthquake. It is horror is which we can plan an escape, but in the horror book, when the plot unfolds, then it takes over us, through our subconscious.
A lot of book devotees of horror, agree that it is far more scarier to let the imagination do all the work. That way, we really spook ourselves. This is not really possible, even in the best made horror movies. It is a fact that something is more scarier when we feel it around you, and yet, you cannot see anything. Perhaps, you can hear heavy breathing or approaching footsteps, or someone breathing behind you, or a flick of something that touched you momentarily.
So these are some aspects that you can only experience in a book. There was a scene in the movie, 'The Cat People', directed by Val Lewton. It was a swimming pool sequence in which the heroine goes to a swimming pool, at night time, inside a building. As she is alone, and it is pin-drop silence and dark around her, that makes it really eerie, especially when a kitten enters the premises and changes into a large adult black panther, escaped from the zoo? It is just portrayed as a shadow on the walls. It is one of the most terrifying cinematic scenes filmed, after Norman Bates' mother shown in the end of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'.
These are as just two examples of brilliant cinematic scenes that try and capture the terror. But if these same scenes are read in a book, then it is much much more terrifying. If one reads 'Jaws' by Peter Benchley, just the opening two to three pages, the manner in which he describes the last swim of Chrissie, it is total horror. So, if you want a really good scare, then go for the option of a book, even an audio one at that, because it is all about your listening powers. Then, just sit, or lye back, on your favourite armchair, or in bed, turn out the lights, and your imagination will do all the rest. Happy nightmares!

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