A Review of, the original and classic boardgame, Chess

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For the more dedicated up-and-coming chessplayer, it is a good idea to create a notebook in which you write down each and every move and the time it took to move the pieces from both sides.

A Review of, the original and classic boardgame, Chess

Playing Chess, on its traditional black and white squared board is still as exciting as it was from the day of its origin. Since it's origin, in India and China, Chess has been played time and time again over the centuries from people from all different backgrounds and cultures. In simple words, it is enjoyed by everyone interested in strategic games.
Apart from giving 100% entertainment, Chess especially helps exercise the brain and helps us combat conditions of the mind like memory loss. After understanding the rules of the game, i.e. how each piece moves, be it vertically, diagonally and horizontally, when you hold a chesspiece in your hand, you are already in that state of mind where you just have to think where you will position it next, so your opponent does not destroy it. This strategy of thought can also help us to plan and calculate and the more we play it, the better we become.
When playing Chess, there is no need to be concerned about whether you will win it or lose it. The main thing challenge is to be a good chessplayer. There have been really great chessgames by chessmasters in past years. The names Karpov and Korchnoi may ring a bell when they played for the chess championship. This can earn you respect from a top-ranked opponant. In playing the game, the real victory lies in your performance and the entertainment value goes higher per match. Don't be distracted about attack and defence, just concentrate on your overall performance and the rest will all fit into place and play, no pun intended, naturally.
For the more dedicated up-and-coming chessplayer, it is a good idea to create a notebook in which you write down each and every move and the time it took to move the pieces from both sides. Then, after the game, you could recap on it, even alone, and reconstruct the game time and time again, until you have understood how to play it. In Chess, do remember that it is always white that has the first move. So now let's take a look at how each piece ranks and how they move.
Pawns should never be underestimated as small and weak pieces, because if and when they succeed in reaching the end square of your oppositions side, then they automatically turn into a queen. Remember, the very first movement of each pawn is upto two squares, and then one after that. They move vertically up to the end of the board. They only move sideways, diagonally, left or right, when a piece is there. Then they can attack it.
Rooks move in a straight line. They are normally used to castle the King at the beginning of everygame. Knights (Horses ) move in an 'L' pattern, left or right. Bishops move diagonally in both directions. The King can only move one square at a time, except when castling, when they take a large leap to be safely positioned in castling. The game ends only when the King is cornered and it is check-mate. The Queen is the most powerful piece and can move freely, in all directions, in as many squares as she likes. She is also the most intimidating piece on the board and, as mentoned earlier, if a Pawn reaches the other end of the board, it also changes into a Queen.
In the earliest Chessboards, which are now very rare and exensive antique boards, they used to have elephant and even camel pieces. These were replaced in latter years. Just as it is interesting to play, Chess also has an equally interesting history. Real Kings and Queens have played it too, to plan their strategy in Wars with the opposition and become very good thinkers and planners, using wise strategy. So, the best approach is to just play it for enjoyment, but think before you make each move because it is also represents how good a player, and thinker, you are. And last, but not the least, although it comes in many forms, shapes and sizes and is available on the internet, it is best appreciated when you actually hold the pieces because it is a form of bonding with the game itself.

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