A Review of Works by Sandra Brown

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The free trial of Scribd.com gave me a chance to catch up with some of the books out by my favorite authors. I was surprised to learn at least one of the authors was not a favorite any longer.

A Review of White Hot and Chill Factor

I took advantage of my new subscription from Scribd.com to catch up on my reading. One of my favorite authors is Sandra Brown.
Since Scribd.com is like Netflix none of the books was new but that was alright because they were new to me.
I had not read much romance mystery books in awhile. I confess that school books have been my only focus for several years. I have had very little time for pleasure reading.
I have to say that I found my palate for Sandra Brown had changed. I found I did not care for either book.
White Hot
The writing did keep my interest through the book. But the more I read the more disturbed I became. Each chapter led to more disturbing events that happened to the heroine, Sayre Lynch at the hands of her father, Huff Hoyle.
Huff was responsible for many atrocities through the years. This leads his oldest and favorite son Chris to act in similar ways.
The best part of the book for me was the surprise hero at the end of the book. Someone that appeared to be protecting Huff from the consequences of his actions turned out to be someone that wanted justice for those Huff had injured.
Even though I was a little disturbed by some of what I read I thought I would read another of Sandra Brown’s books. I unfortunately chose Chill Factor.
Chill Factor
I found Chill Factor disturbing from the very beginning. It seemed that Ms. Brown was so determined to hide the identity of the murderer in this book that none of the characters was the least bit likable to me.
Even the Heroine that was by no means a murderer was very unlikeable to me. She is meant to be a sympathetically character because she had lost a child. Her grief did not ring true to me.
This hit home to me because I have dealt with the loss of a child but I did not feel sympathy toward this character or frankly for any of the characters.
Even the Hero of the story did not seem like a real person with real emotion.
By the time I got to the end and found out who the real murderer was I did not care.
Final thoughts
I think I have been away from fiction reading for so long I just cannot lose myself in it or get in characters heads. I have enough of my own drama to get through. I have seen so much real life tragedy that I just don’t want to read a fiction story about it. If I want to read about abuse, forced abortions and murders, I will turn on the news or read the news on the internet. There is plenty of that crap going on in the world. It does not have to be made up.


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