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Introducing a new Science fiction series, set in the immediate future, featuring a host of characters and investigating the issues of first contact and how we react to alien influence.

The Judges

The first in the series of the same title, "The Judges" tells the story of Tony Grant, a middle aged environmentalist, who is offered the chance by the mysterious Doctor Kendal, to change the world for the better using a piece of omnipotent technology; but of course nothing is as it seems and life soon becomes complicated.
This book is primarily an adventure that spans the world, but discusses some of the worlds current environmental and social issues and perceptions.
This is not a children's book but shouldn't be taken too seriously either. Hopefully you will find it exciting, sad, amusing, informative and most of all...entertaining. Available from Amazon.com in paperback and for the Kindle.
the link to the books own site is : http://chriswhitegibraltar.wix.com/the-judges


This is the second in the series, and a shorter story, and a prequel to "The Judges".
It deals with mankind's first contact with an alien species and tells the story of the enigmatic Dr Peter Kendal.
This story is darker than The Judges and although it contains less characters, and covers a smaller geographical area, follows an interesting and tense curve towards the inevitable conclusion.
Also available from Amazon and through the same link as The Judges: http://chriswhitegibraltar.wix.com/the-judges

coming soon

The next in the Judges series, "Interface" deals with the Impact of the alien technology on mankind. It features Tony Grant, and some of the surviving characters from the first book so...
Here's an excerpt:

One: Birds of prey

The three attack helicopters flew at just above treetop height as they crossed into Suriname.
They didn’t bother to request permission, and there were no official flight plans posted; but then they knew that this small, South American, country wouldn’t be an obstacle to them anyway, not if they knew what was good for them.
The pilot of the lead craft stared dispassionately out of the front screen, as he guided his million dollar craft inches above the tropical rainforest canopy, while at the same time his commander leant forward, pointed at the navigation screen, and said, “There! He is in there!”
The pilot glanced at the screen, touched it where his superior had indicated, and then hit the auto navigate button.
The massive, armoured, helicopter rose, and banked to the left, and then headed towards it’s new objective.

At thirty seconds to contact, the three craft parted company, formed a pincer movement on the target, and then converged.
From below the leafy forest canopy, a black Sphere exploded upwards towards the clear blue sky, and freedom.
“Now!” shouted the commander, and from the back of each aircraft a person lent forward, and three minds focused on their quarry, and began to dismantle it as is climbed ever higher.
The sphere accelerated upwards in a desperate bid to escape, reached ten thousand feet and then dissolved into a cloud of dust.
The commander watched in satisfaction as the immobile form of a person fell towards the ground, only to dissolve into dust too, to be silently dispersed across the forest by the warm breeze that had swept in from the sea.
“Okay everyone! I want a search of…” the commander began to instruct, but at that moment a Pilatus PC-7, turbo-prop, fighter, from the Suriname air force, flew low overhead and then turned in a tight bank, for another very meaningful fly past.
The three Blackhawk helicopters turned and faced the angry bird, and fiercely bared their guns, but the commander leant forward to the pilot and quietly said, “That’s enough. We’ve outstayed our welcome, lets go!”
The PC-7 made another sharp turn, it’s efficient propeller tearing at the air, like a hawk harassing a flock of gulls; but suddenly, from out of nowhere, an F-35 Lighting, streaked across the sky. The state of the art fighter slowed, hovered, and showed it’s teeth to the frightened hawk, then pointed it nose to the sky, and vanished upwards in a frightening display of absolute airpower.
A few minutes later the shaken pilot of the PC-7 made a safe landing at Paramaribo Air force base, and shakily filed his report.

..... To be continued


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