A review of 'The Explorer' by James Smythe

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My review of the science-fiction novel 'The Explorer' by James Smythe

The Explorer, published by Hodder/Voyager

This book is audacious, in the very best way. In the way that Science-Fiction used to be. Many times while reading I was reminded of those authors who had gone this way before, of Alfred Bester and Arthur C. Clarke (and I was also childishly pleased to discover a character named ‘Arlen Bester’). In fact I’d say Cormac Easton is every bit as believable in his isolation as Bester’s Gully Foyle.

James Smythe recaptures the mindset of the golden age of exploration but set in a future time of space-travel. The desire to just Go, because they can or simply because no one else has. This makes Cormac’s presence as a journalist so much more important, he’s there to chronicle everything, and this he does, including his own deteriorating mental state, filled with confusion and anguish.

As the book progresses, naturally the back story is filled in, and little-by-little we build up a better picture of what came before. This is so skillfully done that with every revelation there was an almost audible ‘click’ inside my head as the pieces fell into place. But also it was a tease, I was aware that there had to be more going on than what we see, and it was this that drove me on (kinda like an explorer in my own right), compelling me to read just one more page or chapter, and another.

I thought this book was fantastic, I have to say it’s perfect in it’s own right but amid rumours of a sequel I will wait and see what unfolds. It has the most fitting ending for a book about space and isolation that there could be. I would like to shake hands with James Smythe, and congratulate him on a Sci-Fi modern classic!

For more information, here is James Smythe's website for 'The Explorer' http://james-smythe.com/books/the-explorer


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