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A review of Sid Meier's civilization 5 its pros' and cons and this player opinion.

Civilization 5

Civ 5 is the latest in Sid Meier’s line of civilization games. It is a turn based single player or multiplayer stratagem game. A little like risk you build up a nation based on the empires of old and modern times. Fighting from the dawn of time tell you achieve world conquest threw science, diplomacy or war. Play as a wide verity of leaders like Washington or Gondi or even Montezuma.


Now having played earlier versions of this game I can say the basic play style is the same. Capture resources nodes inside you borders building roads and contracting cities and structures to gather resources. Improvements from old version are you don’t have to build roads to each of your resources node’s to gain it benefits it just need to have its basic improvements and be inside you borders. This leads to the second big plus the fact that you can spend you empires treasury to buy the bordering unclaimed lands. This help you gain control of resources that many be near by but just out of reach tell your border expands.


The diplomacy aspect of the game can be a bit hard to grasp at first and enemies are quite touchier about you building in to unclaimed lands within 4 spaces of their borders. The game adds small city states to the game to act as allies and mini nations. They require things like roads to them or slaying barbarians even discovering new tech of wonders can make them like you more however thy have no concept of space any may block your path to building a road of them or ask you to attack your allies or tip on the verge of stating a world war. Though a pain at times these little city states can be a grate help to.


In the long run this game can be hours of fun and is a vast improvement on the older titles. But as with all of sids games they allow the player a vast amount of control and have no clear way win if any at all. The muiltie player aspect of the game is fun and challenging as you can play agenst other people and humans think of things a simulator doesn’t. I recommend this game is you fan of Sid Meier’s games and even if you aren’t I still think you should pick it up it can be a fun way to kill a few hours. But remember this game is rated E10+ for drug references , mild language and violence.


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