A review of the “Butterfly Sister” Written by Amy Gail Hansen

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A review of the book entitled "Butterfly Sister."


Ruby Rousseau – main character and who has a very good talent in writing. She was diagnosed with personality disorder after she attempted suicide by overdosing with pills. She dropped out of Tarble College when she received a D in her thesis and after her relationship with her Professor ended.

Mark Suter – English Lit Professor who had several affairs with his students. Stolen Ruby’s work and submitted it as his.

Professor Virginia Barnard - English professor who orchestrated Beth’s disappearance and was responsible for Ruby’s comeback to Tarble. She is the sister of Jenny Barnard who was a former girlfriend of Mark Suter who committed suicide after abortion and after Mark dumped her.

Heidi Callahan - Ruby’s college dorm mate and bestfriend

Elizabeth “Beth “ Richards – “missing”, Mark Suter’s confessed true love. She got pregnant by Mark.

Meryl – wife of Mark Suter.

Julie Farris – a student who also had a relationship with Mark and tried to commit suicide.


Ruby was a promising student. She is very good in writing and planned to have her Masters in English and pursue writing in the future. During her senior year in Tarble, she had Prof. Suter in English Lit. She fell in love with Mark and had a relationship with him. However, eventually , Mark dumped her and gave her a D in her thesis. Ruby was so depressed and overdosed herself with sleeping pills. She then decided to drop out from Tarble. After a year of no communication with any of her friends or classmates in Tarble a suitcase belonging to Beth Richards, one of her acquaintances in college, which appeared that she supposedly borrowed before her suicide attempt was delivered to her. Her name tag was still on the suitcase.

It was found out that Beth Richards was missing. Ruby looked into the suitcase of Beth and found a book entitled “A Room of One’s Own” which she wrote a thesis on during her senior year , where she got a D. She then became curious and opened it and was surprised to see that Beth made notes at the side of the book specifically the note “Cassie’s Cabin” . That made her thought of Mark and his story regarding Mark’s mother Cassandra and the cabin in the woods. Ruby, then decided to investigate Beth’s connection with Mark and went back to Tarble.

Ruby contacted Heidi and she attended the reunion. Ruby confessed her relationship with Mark during her senior year and her depression and what made her dropped out to Heidi. Ruby also found out with the help of Heidi and Prof Barnard that Mark used her work as well as the work of another student and submitted it to a Board of English to earn an award. That she was given a D to discourage her from further using her thesis.

Ruby realized that Beth was the reason mark dumped her and all along she thought Mark was getting back with Meryl. In the end , it was revealed that Prof. Barnard orchested the disappearance of Beth and even the one who delivered the suitcase to Ruby in order that Ruby will go back to Tarble. Prof Barnard was the younger sister of Jenny Barnard whom Mark Suter had a relationship during his college days. He got him pregnant and told her to abort the baby, which Jenny did but eventually Mark dumped Jenny which made Jenny depressed and committed suicide.

Ruby continued her studies. Mark resigned from Tarble and divorced his wife Meryl. Beth delivered a baby and granted Mark visitation rights. Prof Barnard was confined to a mental institution.

Personal View

The story is exciting and the author is really good. You will not have an idea of how the story will end. The characters participation came all as a surprise. There were no clues that Prof Barnard was capable of doing those things. The author kept the readers guessing until the end. It is a nice book and you can download it for free in Ebooks.


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