A review of the book entitled "Art Geeks and Prom Queens"

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This is a short story about a teenager in her junior year in high school who transferred school and experienced the difficulty of fitting in an environment where she does not have any friends.

Characters of the story

Rio Jones - main character, a teenage girl who is struggling to please her mother and blend in her new school
Jasper Klein - Rios appears to like him.
Jahne Jones - Rio's mother
Kristi Woods - queen Bee
Kayla and Jen Jen - Queen Bee's friends who are afraid of Kriisti but eventually found the courage to go against her
Tyler - ex boyfriend of Rio who hooked up with Kristi
JC - ex boyfriend of Rio


Rio is a junior high school from New York who transferred to Newport Beach and studied at Newport High, a school for the rich and elite. Her father is a high profile lawyer being interviews by Larry King most of the time. While her mother is a former would have been supermodel, Jahne Jones.

She was being constantly nagged by her mother to dress well. But she always dress down and very casually. During her first week, she met Jas (jasper) and Mason and befriended them. However, when she thought that Jasper has feelings for her and found out that Jas already has a girlfriend, she felt rejected and decided to have a makeover. She then thought that being brainy is not enough to get the good guys, one has to be perfect and sexy and beautiful.

She then became enlisted as one of Kristi’s friends, along with Kayla and Jenjen, the queen bee who appears to rule the juniors. Kristi is the most popular girl in the junior and get to have all the attention of people. Rio then became one of them and became more popular than Kristi, She got to have JC as her boyfriend but in the en dumped him for Tyler.

During one of Kristi’s parties , they played a game where the boyfriend of Kristi kissed Rio. And when it was Kristi’s turned, she was paired with Tyler, Rio’s Boyfriend and they hooked up. Rio was so mad. The next day , Rio was no longer part of Kristi’s group and nasty untrue rumors about her spread. Pranks were also done to her by Kristi and other students. She then decided to cut her hair and stood up against Kristi. Eventually it was proven that Kristi vandalized Rio’s locker and Kristi was expelled for vandalism and possession of illegal drugs.

Rio , then accepted her being an art lover, and she and Jas became a couple.

Moral lesson

The story is really good especially for teenagers who are desperately trying to fit or blend in . He or she doesn’t need to be popular or beautiful just to gain friends. One should just always be true to herself and accept herself. Teenagers should also be wary of who they befriend and the people around them. It is always important to be just be you .. who you really are and do not desperately become someone else. Your values and virtues must at all times be intact.


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