A short story about Radiohead band.

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I love Radiohead. It was my favourite band. I am writing what I know about them.

What will be the theme song of Radiohead's next album?

After the debut of Radiohead first album, Pablo Honey (1993) which most of their songs use guitar. ( Also, they have a song name Anyone can play guitar ). The top hits song at that time was Creep. It is very famous and listened by millions in the UK and US for first few weeks.

But the next albums have shown that they have use less and less guitar. They ( for example Jonny Greenwood ) used sampler, multi keyboards and xylophone. This makes the band is very diversified in their genre and it is not only meant for rock, it is also move in non-rock directions.

1.In album The Bends (1995), one song about go green is Fake Plastic Trees.

2.In album OK Computer (1997),which their verdict is that they will fall in the classical music as the technology will be priority.

3.And in the album Kid A (2000) is an experiments music by the band for electronic sound. It is very famous at that time and it was their first album famous in the US.

4.While in album Hail to the thief (2003), the songs are sound melancholy. But the messages is very deep. I personally think Thom Yorke wrote the songs like 2+2=5 or A wolf at the door are sending message in scandalous politic in the world.

5.In album In Rainbows (2007), the songs are more sound like a pop such music 15 step and Bodysnatchers.

It is not easy to predict what fundamental of Radiohead album will publish soon. (2010 maybe? 2011 probably?)


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