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If you strategy games, here is a free app definitely worth trying. Although there are certainly aspect worth improving , the game is definitely a contribution to the genre.

Strategy games

Like many people, I enjoy a good strategy game, be it chess, checkers, RISK or any of a wide variety of computer games. Managing a wide ranging force with multiple goals, targets and capabilites in a struggle that gradually builds momentum into a massive, unstoppable and inevitable victory can be lots of fun. As far as computer games go, I am personally less fond of the "real time" strategy games and much prefer those that go turn by turn. I suppose the satisfaction is similar to that of solving a puzzle or similar intellectual activites.

Age of Strategy

Having a turn by turn startegy game which can be downloaded free to the smart phone is, in my eyes, an ideal situation. This allows one to make his moves gradually and slowly when time allows and enjoy the full satisfaction of world domination that comes with victory.
In the words of Conan on "what is best in life"
Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women...

Age of strategy

Recently, I tried a fun strategy app called - Age of Strategy. It can easily be found on google play and is free to download. The game hosts multiplayer options as well as single player. I only tried the single player options. The basic game allows the conquest of cities and battles between armies on randomly generated maps. The units are mostly medieval style although there is some slight degression to fantasy (priests, templars) and one digression to science fiction (spaceships? - didn't try that unit...). In addition there are preplanned and constructed scenarios. These include tutorial scenarios intended for teaching basic strategy and game mechanics as well as a more prolonged campaign. The spelling mistakes and grammar of the campaign are unspeakable but the challenges are interesting and fun. These campaigns add an extra dimension in that completion of these campaigns awards you with points which can be used to obtain more construction options.

To be improved...

Although I had some fun with this game, I found a lot that could be improved. Completion of a turn in a big game could easily take more than a minute and interuptions could mean having to replay the turn. Saving the game occurs but not necessarily when you want it and it seems that some of the campaigns might not be completable without prior acquiring of the correct unit upgrades. I completed the first full series of campaigns with top scores but afterwards removed the game from my phone. It was very entertaining, for a few days. Perhaps I will reinstall in a few months and see if any significant improvements have been made


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