Alex Haley Queen: A Movie You Must See

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This is a movie review about American author Alex Haley's grandmother Queen. The movie described her life and how she carried her upbringing with her through most of her adulthood

Alex Haley Queen Movie Review.

Alex Haley's Queen is the story of Alex Haley's family history on his dad side. The story begins in the mid 1800s on a plantation in Florence, Alabama.

Haley was able to trace his fathers family history back to Queen, his paternal grandmother. Queen was born in the mid to late 1800s and her life was complicated form the day she was born. Like many other slaves Queen was a biracial slave and her father owned her. Queen was tormented by other slaves as a child and lied to when she spoke of her father. Queen looked Caucasian and you could not tell she had any African ancestry from her appearance. Easter, her mother would tell her father lived a longs ways from their plantation. Things changed for Queen after her father, James married and was expecting another child; Queen was invited to live in her fathers house to be her sisters assistant and do household chores. Queen had it easy during this period, she had the best clothes and was treated well.

As time went by it seems that James and Easter's secret was no longer existed but Easter finally told her the truth when James went off to fight in the Civil War. When he left James ask Queen to look after his family and she obeyed James request, she looked after James family twice he was discharge due to a injury but went back to fight.

When James returned home slavery was over and many slaves were taking what few belongings they had and going elsewhere, Queen decided she would stay on with James family, she assumed the duties of cook, gardener, and housekeeper. Queen wanted love from her family but she did not get it, she was still a problem that her white family dealt with; this is the point when Queen learns that she will never be treated as a family member and leaves Florence.

When Queen left Florence, she was not a black woman but she passed for white, she was pointed out by a woman named Alice. Alice took Queen under her wing and showed her the tricks of the trade and Queen almost got away with it until she dates and becomes engaged to a white man. Queen made the mistake of telling the man about her past, he tracked her father down and wrote him a letter, she eventually revealed her genetic makeup. Alice finds out and sends Queen on her way. Queen makes he way to a small town and obtain a housekeeping job for two old maids. In addition, to her job she became pregnant with her first child Abner. Abner was born out of wedlock, his father was a gardener. Queen left after the her employers tried to take her child from her.

Queen would travel around but finally found her way to Savannah, Tennessee, once again she became a housekeeper and house servant. Queen would not be a housekeeper for long, she would meet and marry Albert Haley.

In closing, This movie is really a good movie. Queen life shows how one can carry abandonment issues around with you for the rest of your life. In my opinion, Queen felt hurt that James could not openly say that he was her father. I also felt she had a identity complex as well in regards to her race. Queen's life shows how many other slaves felt when they too were abandon by their Caucasian father's. The movie is worth worth checking out, the movie is available on YouTube.


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