Alice: Madness Returns Game Overview for Steam Account Users

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This article provides information about the game Alice: Madness Returns and a short review.

Alice: Madness Returns Game Overview for Steam Account Users

Hey there Steam gamers! Looking for another game to play and add to your Steam Account? Steam offers a lot of games that can increase your Steam Account value. Game genres available range from first person shooters, to real time strategy, to role playing games. In this article, we’ll talk about one RPG game in particular: Alice: Madness Returns. If you have a knack for the dark and twisted fairytales, in game puzzles, chilling storylines, hack-and-slash adventure gameplay then this might just be for you. Read the article below for more information!

Alice: Madness Returns: A Background for Steam Account Users

Alice: Madness Returns is inspired by the classic fairytale Alice in Wonderland but takes on a dark and twisted theme. It is an action-adventure video game with a psychological fantasy horror twist. It is the sequel to the 2000 American McGee’s Alice. Alice: Madness Returns was released 11 years later. This game is available to play on Playstation 3, XBOX 360 and Microsoft Windows through a Steam Account.

Alice: Madness Returns Plot for Steam Account Users

The story is set in Victorian London around the 1870’s. Alice Liddell and her family suffered a tragic fate. Their house burned down and she lost her parents and sister in the accident. A year later we find her in Rutledge Asylum under the care of Dr. Angus Bumby, a child psychiatrist. She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder often falling into spells of violence and ramblings.

Your story with Alice starts with a session with Dr. Bumby. After the session, he asks Alice to pick up medicine at the pharmacist. On her way there she gets sidetracked by a stray black cat and decides to follow it. This is when the story starts to take on a twisted turn. She begins to have hallucinations in a dark alley. As she falls deeper and deeper into her hallucinations she falls into a world of her own madness which is referred to as her ‘Wonderland’. She lands on the Vale of Tears, dressed like Alice in Wonderland with her signature blue dress and white apron but with blood stains, and your adventure through Wonderland begins. Wonderland is similar to how it is in the fairytale only with a dark and deadly twist. We won’t spoil you too much so get the game on your Steam Account now and find out where the adventure leads!

Alice: Madness Returns Gameplay for Steam Account Users

You control Alice from a third-person perspective. Throughout your adventure in Wonderland, you will encounter enemies. Her health is represented by rose petals. Every time you take damage, each petal deteriorates. Her weapons are mundane items that turn deadly.

Vorpal Blade is Alice’s primary weapon is a decorated kitchen knife

Pepper Grinder is a crank operated machine gun-like weapon fashioned out of a pepper grinder

Hobby Horse is the children’s toy horse that is utilized for heavy duty melee attacks and is used like a sledgehammer

Teapot Cannon is a teapot that shoots projectiles

Umbrella is used as a shield to deflect enemy attacks

Clockwork Bomb is a rabbit alarm clock that detonates and deals a small amount of damage.

Throughout Wonderland, Alice may pick up ‘teeth’ which she can use to upgrade her weapons.

She has a special jumping and dodging ability that transforms her into a fast moving shadow with a cluster of butterflies to evade attacks and move around the environment quickly. She also has the ability to shrink with the power of Shrink Sense and can change her size at will. When her health reaches a dangerously low amount, she can activate Hysteria which empowers her attacks and makes her invulnerable for some time.


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