Alleged healthy food isn't healthy

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Brief review on Felicity Lawrence's book entitled Who decides what we have to eat.

Alleged healthy food isn't healthy

On the back cover, Felicity Lawrence tells us that nowadays we're better fed than ever... or, at least, this what we think. We've enormous quantities of food at hand's reach and we can choose from a big variety of them and we can also consume designed products that lower cholesterol... We regard ourselves masters of our own food intake and diets, but, in fact, we're swallowing up whatever they want to give us. Even stones.
How true this is, dear Felicity! We may think we're feeding our child well when we give him a bowl of industrialized cereal in the morning and a pizza from the supermarket in the evening. We think we're well fed when in our fridge, there're awful amounts of boxes, plastic trays and alleged healthy food wrapped up in cellophane paper. We think we're well fed, using produce that says it's enriched with such or such vitamin. What liers they are!
Who needs extra enriched produce with vitamins when fresh produce bought at the greengrocer has all the necessary vitamins and minerals? None of them have these vitamins that they claim, but if they have included them, it's in such small dosage that it's as though they haven't got them. They do it like this in case they're supervised by health inspectors and they could be accused of cheating on consumers.
I'm half way reading Felicity Lawrence's book entitled Who Decides on What we are to eat. Up till now she's already confirmed me what I already knew about industrialized food, but as she's done good research on the issue she'll most probably give me data that I don't know as I've already seen browsing on the book.
What I already knew is that all this industrialized food that is sold in supermarkets is crap and poison in our bodies.
I'm also lucky to have been born and raised by the Mediterranean and as food is concerned to have been educated by four great teachers, that is, my grandmother, my mother and my two aunts. These ladies didn't manage much money and, therefore, they always did their daily shopping in the food market and I never saw a plastic box or tray in the fridge when I was a school girl. Our snack for and after school was invariably a crispy bread roll bought at the bakery shop filled with good cheese, ham or anchovies from the grocery shop.
The last time I was tempted to buy a box of ready made meat pastries, I dumped them in the bin angered when a lot of dark liquid went out at the time of biting.
Yes, dear Felicity Lawrence, we are being poisoned with all this industrialized food no matter what they claim on their labels and we are confronted with a big battle. Us as people who have to eat and the big companies that want to control the food market.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
9th Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this article. There are some really good points.

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author avatar Retired
10th Feb 2015 (#)

We buy a weekly box of vegetables from an organic grower - you know you're getting the real thing when you have to wash the mud off your food before you can cook it!

The grower was once warned by a non-organic farmer that he was unwise to eat the lettuce that the latter was growing until it had been washed, on the grounds that it had been spayed with insecticide. According to the organic grower, you should be able to eat anything with safety straight out of the field, and the food he supplies certainly has that guarantee.

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author avatar vickylass
10th Feb 2015 (#)

Keep doing as you do, John. I've stopped shopping in big supermarkets except for cleaning stuff and the like. When a majority of people worldwide do like you and few other folks, including myself, we'll be on the good road to fight against those who want to poison us, using something as necessary as food.

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