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After trying a lot of other websites of this kind and being disappointed from the largest site of this kind the hubpages, and google search for these websites, I found Wikinuts on an article on Hubpages about Wikinuts, I joined this site because at the time it looked much better, after several days of experience, here is my review of Wikinuts.

Why should you join on Wikinuts

The community on Wikinuts is incredible, it is supportive, respect your content and articles. Your articles are read by many people, amazingly more than any other website of this kind! You will get many views and you will be encouraged to write more and more.
Most of us are not writers and haven't written anything in our life, I have started this in my free time and also maybe earn something extra when I have a large number ofarticles published. If you are looking for writing in spare time and do not have too much time to spend on the internet writing, this is the best you will find, there is no need keep on working, when you have an idea you can publish it. Why is this not possible elsewhere? Well it is for some, but most of the time if you are not active you will not recieve that many viewers on other sites. Here if you even write once in a while, it won't at least ban you.
One more thing that I like about Wikinuts is that it is not as restrictive, many sites will ban you for the smallest errors, I have even published articles on Wikipedia which will not let you have any king of promotional content, but how can a site for personal writing regard it as promotional, and how can they ban you if you get one article wrong, even if you don't write at least 1000 words and add pictures or polls, it will get rejected and they will ban, this can happen even if you have your article published, after a few days without notice it will get rejected and you will be banned,here in Wikinuts you can do what you want, I published an article that I knew was not good, it got rejected, I improved it, but it again got rejected, but in this process I was never harmed, my account kept on running and I wasn't banned without any reason. On many top level sites of this kind, you get one thing wrong, you are banned, you have to make a new account and use a new email, if you do that too much, your IP Address is banned, which is just pathetic, we are humans you cannot read a very long TOS everyday, if they keep on changing it, we have other jobs too. Thankfully, it is not the case with Wikinuts, also maintaining an adwords account is not that easy for article publishing, if it is a website and it keeps on getting decent number of views, you are fine but for these sites I think paypal is much better option(like here in Wikinuts).
The best thing is that people here are friendly, you will recieve more views, more comments and overall better response.

What it lacks in?

There are some disadvantages to everything. It is a great site, then why is it not the best in this business?
The reason to my understanding is that it is newer, it lacks marketing of content, I have never seen Wikinut ads on google, I have not seen its articles in search results.
The external users are not that many, but eventually I think it will make it too. The people here have some great articles and they are not just for money.
Another thing it lacks is that you have to write a lot before you can earn anything, as 5Pound is the limit. It takes a month of writing before you can earn.
The last thing is that the formatting of pages lacks a few features, I know amazon, ebay, dicussions, and too many widgets will be bad and is just disturbing for an article, but a few of them like polls, addition of more than one picture in a section can make it better.


My overall recommendation is that, it is the best site I have come across for writing articles, it is easy to publish, gets published, gives you freedom much more than anywhere else, it has a less waiting time and will eventually grow according to me at least. You should consider it at least once and try.

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author avatar Retired
17th Sep 2014 (#)

I agree with you completely, Vkg. I also have tried other sites and found nothing that suits me. One of the things I learned about Wikinut is to heed the advice of long-time contributors and the moderators. Following their advice will not only lead to your articles getting better exposure, but your earnings will increase as time goes by.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Sep 2014 (#)

Balanced take, Vkg. I have been active here for nearly three years and I look forward to the interaction with the many fellow contributors on a daily basis. If money is the sole criteria, we have our own ways to make it more than at any online sites. It is surprising that some sites insisted on high standards but bit the dust (Helium, YCN) while others thrive with lots of trash inundating the good writers. Wikinut is a friendly site that tries to maintain a standard but gives a chance to newbies too hoping that they will raise their standards - siva

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author avatar pohtiongho
19th Sep 2014 (#)

Siva: Helium still owes me $15.47 ! Poor fellows, they have to pack up now. There are other sites which pretend to pay for articles published. Those who came forward to say they received the checks are actually their own cronies ! I don't wish to list them here. Please do your own research.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
17th Sep 2014 (#)

To let you know you will see Wikinut articles on Google Searches - I have tested my own tag usage on a regular basis and know that articles are visible, even on page one of search results, but it is all about providing relevant page tags.

You are right in that we do not ban people for making mistakes although people do get banned if they make a habit of copying other peoples work.

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author avatar vkg
17th Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you for your comment on Honest opinion about Wikinuts, I did not mean to offend it, its my opinion and yes I do know that it will appear on google, but I meant high rank like page 1 of google at least, it was a suggestion, I noticed some lack in SEO which is the only reason Wikinuts ranks lower, a good site will eventually grow always and no one can stop it, but in my opinion what this site should be by quality of content, it not, it is much better than most, some marketing will get this site on top for sure based on my experience, its just an opinion, and it is great you don't ban people, I could not write it here but banning in hubpages is a build error really, everyone, even if he is banned can ban another user, many users have just banned people for no reason

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author avatar vkg
17th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes Sivaramakrishnan A I know its not online that we can earn, its not only for the money but it is a factor when it comes to compare it, and google search will show results but on top is what matters, eventually although I think Wikinuts will make it, but for now you like it or not, its not true that it ranks high

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