Angels Watching Over Me: Chapter 1 - Part 4

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We left getting to know Winchester Forbes, Carissa's father. We learned he was a fisherman, and a celebrated war hero. He was also quite restless after he came home from the war. We were also introduced to Carissa's mother and siblings.

Carissa is the last of the Forbes children

Carissa is the last of the Forbes children

As the story went, the birth was a medical miracle. The doctors forbade Kate to have more children. She nearly died giving birth this time, but God was not ready to bring Kate home just yet.

Kate thanked the Almighty for his blessings. She prayed that Winchester could settle down and accept his responsibility as a father. There was never any question of her husband providing for his family, he worked himself to the point of exhaustion. Kate wanted him to stay home more often to bond with his new baby and spend more with the other children.

Carissa was very tiny as a child

Carissa was very tiny as a child, she was fortunate in that she captured her father’s heart from the day she was born. She was the child who looked most like him. She was small boned and short just like her dad. She also had the same golden skin tone. Winchester loved her long flowing black hair. It came from his great grandmother, a mixed breed woman who was a house slave on a Georgia plantation.

The other siblings favoured their mother in looks. They were taller, darker skinned and inherited the curly Negro hair. They were also big boned. Carissa was a light as a feather. Her Papa a term she parroted from her other siblings cuddled her with such gentility one would think he was afraid her tiny bones could break.

The wonderful smell of country cooking

Everyday on a cold crisp winter morning, Carissa woke up to the smell of porridge. It warmed her tummy long before she had the opportunity to taste the bulky substance which travelled smoothly from her mouth to her stomach satisfying the hunger within.

The old house was always drafty but the kitchen never cooled. The old wood-fired stove burned constantly; winter and summer. Mama and Katie-Ann baked bread, pies, cakes, and tarts on a daily basis. The children never tasted the sweets the big city had to offer. They lived in the country excluded from the allure of city life. In 1951 Carissa was too young to even know the difference. She looked forward to the familiar yet exotic aroma of fresh ginger that Mama used in her gingerbread and baked chicken dishes.

Her siblings enjoyed the wild rice and beans meals and the hearty stews that Mama prepared. Some dishes were meals handed town from the generations of plantation women before her; but, most of them were made from her Mama’s own personal touch. Even Katie-Ann was never told the secret ingredients used in chicken dumplings and sweet potato pie.

Carissa preferred the fish meals because it reminded her of her Papa. There were certain meals she didn’t care for such as liver and corn beef, but she ate anything that was put in front of her as long as i had once lived in water. She was happy to go out back on the cold winter mornings to fetch the frozen fish piled neatly in the snow with Katie-Ann. The family kept as much as they could in the tiny ice box in the kitchen, but much had to be stored outdoors in cold whether. Anything to do with fish brought her closer to her Papa, the man she loved more than anyone in her entire world.

to be continued

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
20th Nov 2015 (#)

Carol, I loved this chapter. The hustle and bustle of family life always makes me smile. Homemade food is the best and family life is wonderful. I love this story.

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author avatar Kingwell
30th Nov 2015 (#)

Enjoying your story. Not sure if I commented on the last chapter but I did read it. Blessings.

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