Angels Watching Over Me: Chapter 3 Part 2

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The sisters were in Sydney and when they came home Katie-Ann was told that Jean was spending Christmas with her boyfriend's family for Christmas. We are beginning to see the rift between Jean and Katie-Ann.

The smell of porridge

The next morning Carissa awoke to the wonderful smell of porridge simmering in the pot. It was Saturday morning and everything appeared to be normal. Winn had gone off to work, Louisa and the twins were up for hours deciding what they were going to do for the day. As usual, if they were talking “grown up talk” when she entered the room they’d suddenly change the subject.

Normally Carissa jumped up on Jean’s bed to wake her. This morning she went to perform her morning ritual, already knowing her sister wasn’t there. Her bed had not been slept in. Carissa came downstairs just in time to sit at the table as breakfast was being served. She immediately asked about Jean. Nobody wanted to answer her. Finally, Elizabeth remarked “somebody better inform the child.” and she took it upon herself to tell Carissa what she already knew.

Katie-Ann is still upset with Jean

“Sweetie, Jeannie did not come home last night but don’t worry, I will be seeing Connie over the holidays and I will make sure she gets her Christmas gift to you. As a matter of fact, Erin and I will be going into Sydney again today. We will drop by her work to see what is going on. Would you like to come with us?”

“You will do no such thing.” said Katie-Ann, “err, what I mean to say is, if you see Jean that is your choice, but Carissa is staying home with me. It is much too cold to drag her out in weather like this just to please your sister. If Jean wants to see her, she knows where she lives.”

Best to stay out of Katie-Ann's way

Elizabeth batted her eyelashes at her older sister and let out a big sigh.”Come on Erin if you don’t hurry we will miss the bus and then we will have to wait over an hour for the next one. Louisa, do you work today, or is it your day off? I can never remember your crazy schedule.”

On that note the three girls jumped up, kissed their youngest sibling and said good-bye to the oldest one. They promised to be home by suppertime. Carissa knew better than to bring up the subject of Jean again when her big sister was in such a foul mood. the best thing for her to do was to play in her room until after Katie-Ann had finished her chores and was ready to spend time with her.

To be continued

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I'm still following and still enjoying the story. Blessings.

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