Angels Watching Over Me: Chapter 3 Part 4

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Where we left off

This Christmas the family is separated for the first time since there parent's passing. Jean is not with them. Katie-Ann is very upset about it. As she has taken on the job of keeping the family together. Little Carissa is happy she got a beautiful porcelain doll.

Where are your manners it is Christmas

After dinner, the family decided to play the monopoly game she was given. They barely finished setting up in the living room when the doorbell rang. Winn, who said he was too tired to play the game left the room to answer the door. Carissa could hear a man’s voice, but she couldn’t distinguish who it was. Katie-Ann remarked it must be the neighbours, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson calling to wish them a Merry Christmas. She yelled out to her brother to invite them in for a warm cup of cocoa or some eggnog and homemade apple pie. The talking stopped and Winn shut the door. Katie-Ann left the game to find out why he had not invited them in. After all it was Christmas,

“where are your manners?" She yelled on her way out to him.

Handing out the presents

Carissa was surprised to see him entering the living room bearing gifts for everyone. Mr. Martin drove all the way from Sydney to bring the gifts Jean had bought for her family. He couldn’t stay as the family was waiting for him back home. Bill Martin wanted everyone to know Jean sent her regards. She planned on coming home some time the first week of the New Year. She was having a wonderful vacation and was hoping the family was having a great Christmas as well.

The girls bombarded their brother with a barrage of questions; most of which he was unable to answer. Katie-Ann returned to the room and sat quietly in the big cedar rocking chair. After the girls were satisfied Winn had nothing further to tell them, they helped him hand out the presents.

What is wrong with you?

Carissa squealed with joy when she opened her gifts. There was a bottle of “Evening in Paris” perfume, some lavender dusting powder and a bottle of “passion pink” nail polish. Now she was going to smell and look as pretty as Jean; she marveled.

When Katie-Ann saw the gifts her flighty sister had given her she muttered in disgust,

“What a fine thing to give a nine-year old! She wants to make a woman out of her before her time.”

Winn handed Katie-Ann her present. She threw it in the corner under the Christmas tree without opening it.

“For God’s sake Katie-Ann, it’s Christmas, what is wrong with you,?” he said.

“Nothing is wrong with me,” She responded with a forced smile. “I will open the present later. Right now we are supposed to be playing this game with Carissa. As you said Winn, it is Christmas and we don’t want to disappoint the child now do we?”

To be continued

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