Angels Watching Over Me: Chapter 3 Part 5

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Where we left off

The family had finished their Christmas dinner and setting up Carissa's new monopoly game. The door bell rang and it was Mr. Martin all the way from Sydney with Jean's Christmas presents. Katie-Ann is in a foul mood and finds fault with the presents Jean had given Carissa. She won't even open her own present from Jean and flings it under the Christmas tree.

The last time she saw Jean

The last day Carissa set eyes on her sister was a day forever embedded in her memory. It was January of 1957 and Jean managed to make it home just as the family was sitting down for supper. She arrived with a young man at her side. Carissa sat wide-eyed at the kitchen table waiting to find out what would happen next. None of her sisters have ever brought a boy home before. Katie-Ann occasionally allowed them to bring home a school friend as long as it was a girl, but no boy other than her brother had ever set foot in their house.

There she stood boldfaced in Katie-Ann’s kitchen holding a boy’s hand and Carissa was afraid to gulp. The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The only one who seem oblivious to it all was Jean. Carissa thought if the house caught on fire right at that moment, her sister was too much “in love” to even notice.

There is going to be a confrontation

Jean finally broke the silence.

“Well I guess introductions are the first order of the day. Elizabeth and Erin, you already know him, but for everyone else; Louisa, Winn, Katie-Ann and even you Carissa this is Peter Martin.”

She looked into Peter’s eyes, gave him a quick squeeze of her hand and said,

“It’s been a long time in coming, but this is my big wonderful family I keep telling you about. We are a sorry lot now aren’t we?”

She started to laugh though nobody joined in. All eyes turned toward Katie-Ann while the young man’s gaze shifted from one person to another. His expression changed from happy to somber. Winn broke the family paralyses by offering to get him a chair. Louisa asked the couple if they had eaten, if not they were welcome to join the family.

Peter politely refused. He said they had eaten in town after finishing their shift at the movie theater. Peter thanked Winn and Louisa for their hospitality. He turned to Jean and said he should be going. It appeared he came for a visit at the wrong time. Jean shook her head. She wouldn’t let him go.

“We can do this another time,” He pleaded.

“No!” responded Jean, “We will do this right now!”

Winn realized there was about to be a confrontation between Jean and her older sister. He jumped up from his half-eaten meal stating man to man,

“Peter let me take your hat and coat. I am sorry I didn’t do it before. I will show you to the living room. Your first impression of my family cannot be a good one. Can’t say I’d blame you if it weren’t. Looks like my sisters have some unfinished business they had to attend to. Let’s leave the ladies alone and we can sit in the living room. Here, let me get us a beer, helps ya relax. Nothing better than a good beer after a long day at work.”

Carissa never witnessed her brother act so quickly or so boldly before. He shoved Peter towards the living room and away from the storm brewing in the kitchen.

Katie-Ann you are behind this!

Jean finally realized what just happened. She tore off her winter garments and threw them across the kitchen floor.

“Okay Katie-Ann, I know you are behind all of this. You can be mad at me all you want, but why are you taking it out on Peter? He had nothing to do with this. It was my idea to spend the holidays with his family ya hear me. And I am glad that I did. Even if you are mad at me, you have no right to disrespect him! she shouted.

Louisa jumped from her chair and invited the twins and Carissa to accompany her into the living room to be with the men.

“No, Louisa, I want everyone to be here in the kitchen with me including Carissa. You all need to hear what I have to say. We are going to sit down as a family and talk.” Jean demanded.

Katie-Ann finally pushed her plate aside and looked directly at her.

to be continued

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