Angels Watching Over Me: Chapter 4 Part 1

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Where we left off

Carissa is finally told about her family history. She couldn't remember her mama when she was well. Katie-Ann present Carissas with a locket and chain as a gift from her mother to always remember her by. This is one of my favorite scenes in the book.

Running like a fox

Carissa heard the commotion downstairs from her bedroom. The sound woke her up. The clock on her night table showed 10:00 pm. She wondered whether or not to go downstairs and investigate. Winn was home and she didn’t want him to yell at her. But as she lay in bed her curiosity got the best of her. Carissa decided to creep to the top of the stairs and listen. It was dark, they wouldn’t see her there unless somebody needed to go to the bathroom. If that happened she would run like a fox back to her bedroom and no one would be the wiser.

Not home at Christmas time

She hid behind the solid cedar banister at the top of the stairs. Katie-ann was yelling at her brother.

“What do you mean Jean didn’t come back with you. Where is she?”

Winn explained how Jean refused to come back with him. She was staying with friends in the city until after the holidays.

“After Christmas!” Katie-Ann yelled yet again. “Who does Miss Priss think she is anyhow? That little hellion didn’t run it by me. Is she part of this family or not? Winn, why didn’t you insist she come home? What is wrong with you anyhow?”

”Oh come off it Katie-Ann,” he responded heatedly. “And how was I to stop her? She is not a kid anymore.”

Child or not, is she not part of this family? What is more important than her own family at Christmas can I ask you that Winn? Katie-Ann hollered.

“How would I know? Why do you just ask her yourself the next time you see her? I am not getting into the middle of this.” he snapped back.

The movie star

“I know? said Elizabeth, “Pamela Martin, her best friend just happens to have a good-look brother.”

Jean was sometimes affectionately called Jeannine by her family and friends.

“Jeannie will be staying with them. I am friends with their younger sister Connie. She tells me her brother and Jeannie are sweet on each other. Peter has a good job as a manager at the movie theater. He applied for school in the states; somewhere in
Why am I the only one who doesn’t know what is going on here?” Katie-Ann demanded to know.

The forthcoming answer was not what she expected, but nonetheless it was the truth. The reason Katie-Ann was left in the dark was because she dissociated herself from Sydney life. Unlike the girls she stayed home while they were in Sydney every chance they could get. Katie-Ann was not interested in the town gossip. She was a country girl and homebody at that; she kept to herself. If the girls wanted company, they had to go into town for it. Katie-Ann rarely had visitors coming to the house. Her whole world was centered on taking care of her younger sibling. Now that the older girls had grown up, thank goodness she still had Carissa to take care of. For her, life was just fine as it was.

The yelling stopped when the eldest daughter had heard enough. She would have a long talk with Jean when she got home. She might be 22 years old, but that did not give her the right to disrespect the family. Katie-Ann decided to go to bed. Carissa barely made it back to her room in time. She jumped under the covers and closed her eyes hoping her sister would not look in and discover she had not been sleeping.

As luck would have it, Katie-Ann went straight to her own room and banged the door behind her. Not long afterward Carissa could hear each of her siblings coming up the stairs one by one to retire to their own bedrooms. By the time the twins entered the bedroom they still shared with her, she was sound asleep.

California. He’ll get accepted for sure. Sis wants to go badly. You know how much she wants to be a movie star.

To be continued

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