Angels Watching Over Me Chapter 2 - Part 1

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We left the story when 4 year old Carissa cries, she somehow senses her Papa is going away. Her father denies it but his little girl does not believe him.

The letter

Winchester Junior often simply called Winn by family and friends, broke the news to his mother about her husband’s death. Since his mom could not read, he read her letters for her.

“Mama I think you should sit down for a bit, I got somethin’ to tell you.”

Well go ahid and say it boy, I gots to get the supper on for the young’uns: a woman has no time to be sittin’ around all day long.”

“Mama, please you need to be sit.. sittiin, down, I went into town and I the ma...mail and…”

“Winn, stop that stutterin an tell me what it is,” Kate said as she dried her hands on her clean white apron and pulled the chair out from the table.

Winn waited until she was comfortably seated. He grabbed hold of her hand.

“Mama, I don’t reckon I know how to say this, I…”

Mama goes to bed

“Tell me child,” she yelled at him with tears already forming in her eyes as she saw the important looking letter in front of her. It was obvious it was from the government and that could not be good news.”

“Mama I got a letter from the government. It says that the Chinese swept over the Yalu River...there was a big battle, many United Nations soldiers died. Papa, was one the soldiers killed. Mama, he’s gone. He’s gone Mama.”

There were no more words as mother and son sat crying in each others arms. After what seemed to be an eternity Kate regained some composure and got up to start supper. She began chopping onions at the counter nearly collapsing before the job was finished.

A startled Winn ran to her side. “Mama go up to bed and rest awhile.”

“I can’t Winn, I gots to make supper for the young’uns, they will be hungry when they get home. I gots to make supper, I gots to.”

“Mama, it’s okay, you go up to bed. I will go and pick em up. The movie is just about over now. Leave the cookin’ to Katie-Ann tonight. You need your rest Mama. You just rest Mama okay?”

“I gots to make the supper, I gots…”

“It’s okay Mama. Katie-Ann will take care of all that and after supper I will tell her about Papa. You just rest. We will do just fine. I will take care of it.” he said as he helped his Mama up the stairs to her bedroom.

Within hours Kate suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed and confined to her bed for the duration of her life.

Carissa loses her Papa and Mama

The government pension provided by for Winchester Senior’s death was not adequate to support his large family. Thus, Winn became the breadwinner. Katie-Ann became the surrogate mother to her siblings and primary caregiver for her bedridden mother.

Life had changed considerably for four year old Carissa. She lost her Papa and now because of the illness, in a way she lost her Mama as well. The older siblings rarely let Carissa into the room to see her mother; insisting she was too active and tired her out. She was always told, “Mama was sleeping,” or, “Mama was very tired.”

Carissa did not have parents who were able to take an active role in her life. Her father was dead and her mother was rapidly becoming a stranger to her. Neither did she have children of her own age to play with. Though she had older siblings, they were too old to continuously amuse a rambunctious four year old.

to be continued

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author avatar Kingwell
29th Jun 2015 (#)

Winn is a good son and brother and the other children are helping too but what will happen to Carissa? Blessings.

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author avatar Carol Roach
29th Jun 2015 (#)

You will soon see, because now we are introduced to Carissa you will learn about her life from beginning until the end of the book.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
29th Jun 2015 (#)

Carol, I am so sad. To have a four year old in the world without parents is almost more than what I can take. I know it happens all the time but none the less it is terrible. My heart goes out to all the children. Great writing.

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