Angels Watching Over Me Chapter 2 - Part 2

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Carissa lost her father and her mother is an invalid who had a stroke, the little girl is being raised by her eldest sister Katie-Ann.

The rift between mother and daughter

The twins, the youngest before Carissa , were already fourteen years old. They were beginning to have separate lives of their own and were spending more and more time in the big city with Louisa and Jean. Carissa spent most of her weekends home alone with Katie-Ann.

Carissa lived under the unwavering protection of her oldest sister. The siblings knew better that to tease or hurt her. The wrath of the eldest Forbes daughter was far greater than that of either parent.

Unfortunately, this newly formed bond between Carissa and her big sister caused an irreversible rift between mother and daughter. The woman in the room wasn’t fun to be around. Mama never held her or told her bedtime stories. Kate never washed and lovingly brushed her beautiful long black hair. She never kissed her until she giggled. It was Katie-Ann who did all those things for her.

Not your Mama

Carissa began shadowing Katie-Ann; refusing to leave her side. The child ran to her every time she fell and hurt herself, had a tummy ache, and every time she just needed some tender loving care.

With the passage of time, Carissa did not fuss when she was not allowed to see her mother. The lady in the room was becoming a blur in her memory; a person who was not entirely a stranger but a person she hardly knew at all.

As close as Katie-Ann and Carissa became, Katie-Ann was still responsible for running the household.

“Mama can you come and play with me.”

“Not now Carisa, in a little bit and don’t call me Mama. Mama is upstairs child. I am Katie-Ann.”

“Okay, Kay tay Ann. Now will you play with me pleeese.”

“Alright child; but I can’t play with you for long. I have to sweep and wash the floors, and they won’t get done if am playing with you all day.”

The chorse Winn took on

Winn left school to work on the boats for twelve hours a day. When he came home, he was tired and had little time to do chores. Still, he maintained the chores he felt a man should do. Only now, without the aid of his father, Winn was alone to chop wood for the old potbelly stove. He was also alone to shovel the snow from their home to the old country road in the winter and to cut the grass in the summertime as well.

Unlike his father, he refused to go into town for the family needs. He preferred to stay home on those occasions and sleep. Carissa stayed home with him until the age of seven. She was also expected to nap during the day when he did. As she grew older she was permitted to accompany Katie-Ann as she went into to town.

In order to travel to the city, Katie-Ann learned to drive the old pickup truck but she was always nervous at the wheel. On the other hand, the girls loved the drive. It was their opportunity to view the sights and smells of Sydney. Nova Scotia. Occasionally, if Katie-Ann had some money left over after their shopping needs were met, she provided the girls with a treat.

The twins as well as Carissa, opted for French fries and soda pop and as much chocolate and candy as they could get before their big sister finally said no more! They learned to save some of it for home. They were never certain when their next windfalls of snacks would come along.

“Elizabeth, if you eat all that chocolate now, don’t expect me to give you mine when we get home.”

“Yes, you will. Katie-Ann will make you. Erin you know you have to share.”

“Katie-Ann why should I have to share my chocolate, just because I don’t eat all mine now? It is just not fair.”

“You are right Erin, it is not fair, and if Elizabeth eats all her chocolate now, that is her problem. She is not going to eat yours too.”

“Ah Katie-Ann it is only a snack bar. It’s not big at all.”

“Elizabeth, I gave you and Erin exactly the same amount of money, just because Erin bought two chocolate bars, one for now and one for later, and you bought a bag of potato chips and a chocolate bar does not mean you can have hers too. If you did not have the common sense to save something for home that is your own fault.”


“Don’t be butting me. You are just being greedy now.”

Rather than filling herself up on candy, Jean preferred to go to the movies. She considered herself beautiful and dreamed of becoming a movie star. She thought of herself as the coloured Katharine Hepburn only better looking. If there was not enough money available for movies, Jean bought barrettes and other trinkets; anything to make her even more beautiful. Unfortunately, when it came time to purchase and carry the family supplies, she was nowhere to be found. She simply refused to help.

The siblings were well aware of Jean’s feelings. She constantly reminded them, “if Katie-Ann wants to act all grown up and play mama so be it, but this life t’ain’t for me, no siree. I am already 17. I got to get out of this place. I must see the world. I’d never be satisfied being a country girl. I’m destined for bigger and better things and one day I am going to Cape Breton Island forever.”

Whenever the sibling reminded Katie-Ann about Jean’s ramblings, she retorted, “Don’t bother me with such foolishness. Jean is just too uppity for her own good. All this nonsense talk about moving away, the only thing that Jean will ever move away from is an honest day’s work.”

To be continued

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
30th Jun 2015 (#)

First, let me confess I came in now and will go back to read it from the start. Second, the story seems fascinating and held my interest. Third, if you're thinking of getting it published, here is an important suggestion. Agents and publishers insist on " Show and not tell," technique. Your post is full of narrative and less of showing. You've to convert all emotions, likes and dislikes into some actions. I wish you good luck with this novel.

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author avatar Carol Roach
30th Jun 2015 (#)

the book was published and now is old so that is why I put it here. I still want people to read the story.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
6th Jul 2015 (#)

Carol, excellent chapter and part as always. The family dynamics are changing now that Dad is gone and mom is sick. I feel sorry for them. It's a hard life.

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