Angels Watching Over Me Chapter 2 - Part 3

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We left off with the family taking a trip into town. Katie-Ann always made sure the kids had some spending money. But we see for the first time that Katie-Ann and her sister Jean don't really see I to eye.

The importance of an education

Winchester and Kate wanted their children to obtain a decent education and be, “somebody special.” Papa had only a grade three education. Since Mama was always a sickly child, she never went to school. Because of this, both parents wanted more for their children.

Katie-Ann felt it was her most important duty to see this dream through. She knew her parents knew that the girls would never be content to stay at home raising children and cleaning house. It was a new generation and a time for change and so she encouraged the girls to go to school. She wanted them to have a high school education.

Papa and Mama wanted it that way

“Katie-Ann, Jean says she isn’t gonna finish high school, she is going to be a movie star.”

“Erin enough of that nonsense, Jean is a foolish girl. She is not going to be a movie star. But she best be finishin high school and find herself a job because I am not gonna have her lazy backside laying around the house all day long doin nothin.”

I don’t know if I wanna finish high school either. I just want to be a wife and mother like Mama when she was well.”

“Erin what are you sayin? You know Mama and Papa’s wish was for all of you young’uns to finish high school and even go on after that if you wanted to.” Mama always wished she could read and write and she felt so stupid because she didn’t. Even Paps was embarrassed that he only had a grade 3 education. Everybody important in Sydney has a high school education and more!”

“That’s right Erin,” said Elizabeth, High school is free and it would be a shame if we did not take advantage of this blessing.”

“You’re right Elizabeth, it’s what Mama and Papa wanted and I am going to see to it that all of you get a high school education, even that foolish sister of yours,” Katie-Ann responded.

“Louisa says she’s gonna be a nurse. Is that good Kay-tay Ann?” Carissa added.

“That’s great baby.”

“But who is gonna pay the courses” continued Erin.

“Well I guess Louisa will just have to figure that out when the times comes.” responded Katie-Ann.

“I got it all worked out, don’t you fret my sisters, I am gonna work down at the old mill during the summers and save for my schooling.” Louisa confirmed.

“Good for you, Louisa. I think that is a marvelous idea. Now will one of you wake Jean up for supper while I feed Mama. Carissa, do you want to help me feed Mama?” Katie-Ann asked.

Katie-Ann honors her parents wishes

Katie-Ann encouraged her sisters to study hard and do well in school. When they complained they could not study and be expected to do chores around the house, she quietly took on the responsibility in addition to everything else she did. Albeit, that did not mean that they were exempt for learning the basics. They still had to make up their beds in the morning and learn how to cook.

Even with these minimal contributions, they were prepared for the duties of a wife and mother; which Katie-Ann maintained was the natural destination for young women growing up in rural and small town Canada during the 1950s.

to be continued

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
20th Jul 2015 (#)

Carol, I love this chapter about education. I think knowledge is very important for everyone and I love the importance you give to it in this story.

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