Angels Watching Over Me Chapter 2 - Part 4

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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but here is the next segment of Angels Watching Over me. In the last segment we learned that young Katie-Ann took care of the entire household pretty much by herself. She was also determined to see her sisters got a good education like her parents would have wanted. Only the tempestuous Jean wanted to be a movie star.

Kate-Ann runs the household

With running a busy household, it was surprising Katie-Ann had time for the child at all. After Winchester died and Kate was confined to her bed, the eldest daughter found the demanding needs of a youngster somewhat overwhelming.

Her scary brother

In those early years, Carissa remembered especially being left alone with her brother when the family went to Sydney for supplies. She refused to sleep while the sun was still shining. She wanted to go out and play or, better still, follow Katie-Ann to the big city.

Neither was possible because Winn was her “very scary brother.” He would tell her in a stern voice, “Go upstairs and go to bed.” She dared not defy him. He was not like Papa who indulged her. Big brother never let her get her own way. Winn was different. He meant what he said.

Each time on command, she sauntered up the stairs to her room, which she shared with the twins and pretended to nap. When in fact, once she was certain her big brother was sound asleep, she used this time to play

Her imaginery friend

It was during this period that she acquired an imaginary friend. Honey was a little girl, perhaps three years old. She was tiny and feeble. Frequently she lost her breath and had to rest. She seemed to share many of the same ailments Carissa’s mother was experiencing at the time.

Carissa knew very little about her companion. She did not know where Honey came from, or even why she visited her. The other Forbes children forbade the mention of an imaginary friend around Mama.

“Carisss don’t talk about your little friend in front of Mama.”

“But Honey is lonely. She wants to meet her.”

“Hush child, Mama will get even sicker. So you have to keep Honey a secret.”

“But Louisa, Mama will love her.”

“That’s enough, If you talk about Honey in front of Mama, Winn will give a tanning on your backside and you don’t want that to happen do you?”


“Then run along and play and stop that pouting ya hear.”

Carissa never mentioned Honey to her mother during the next four years. She remembered the threat of a beating from her brother. As it turned out, it was not that difficult to keep the secret since she hardly spoke to her mother.

Carissa gradually began to want less and less contact with her. She could not bring herself to confide in her like she could with her sisters. She couldn’t bring herself to think of this woman as her Mama any longer.

to be continued

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author avatar Kingwell
30th Nov 2015 (#)

Things have sure changed since the death of her father but to Carissa, it's Kate-Ann who is her mother. What a great story!

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author avatar Kingwell
30th Nov 2015 (#)


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
5th Dec 2015 (#)

Carol, great chapter. Again I say it is amazing that the family is still together. There are so many families that would have went to family and friends and I think that says a lot about this family.

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