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While experimenting on enhancing your reviewing experience with audio add ons I dug back into my oldest reviewing past and brought up this, Danger Girls #1-#2... no, not the j. Scott Campbell series... that's Danger Girl (singular).

A New Old Comic Book Addict Independent Review

Of late I have been experimenting with putting up podcasts on my text reviews, themeing episodes to fit reviews I write up here... so this is my first experiment, as I already finished the accompanying episode (New Old Comic Book Addict WIkinut Episode 1) which I already released on 4shared for you to check out... now I just need to put it out here... so anyway.

Despite the name this is not the Danger Girl your thinking of. Instead this is the original title that J. Scott Campbell dropped coin on to buy the rights to the title from back in the late 90's. Danger Girls (plural), created by one Gregory Lane and Chris Troutt.

Created as a Dirty Pair parody (and yes I plan to dig all the way back to my ages old Dirty Pair fascination and write up a full set of reviews to introduce you to Yuri and Kei if you are not familiar with the creations of Haruka Takachiho... anyway this is a parody about a pair of female agents named Kim and Jojo, hired to stop the evil machinations of the King of Rock and Roll... by the King of Rock and Roll... yes, the entire title revolves around the concept of Space Elvis... uh-huh.

Kim and Jojo have been hired as Danger Girls, agent who wear very revealing Dirty Pair knockoff outfits, by Mister E, aka Elvis, who has come to earth in his Space Cadillac to do his momma proud by stopping the other aliens of Planet Elvis who are trying to take over the Earth, led by black suit Elvis... while the good Elvis is the flashy stone covered white suited Elvis if you're wondering... if the series went further we might have seen Blue Hawaii Elvis and Jailhouse Rock Elvis and so on...

Anyway the girls have to fight people possessed by the power of the King, and turned into monsters called Morphs. Their first fight with a Morph takes several pages, highlighted by a lot of T & A service and liberal 80-90's era Anime slash Manga easter eggs (though the artist has an obsession with Robotech easter eggs with a light sprinkle of Star Blazers, Captain Harlock and other stuff that you can find in America in the 80's and 90's that people were watching.

After fighting their first morph the girls return to Graceland, home of Space Elvis, and get his backstory about how he came to Earth to stop evil Elvis from taking over manipulating the events of human history (destroying the hindenberg, creating fat free cheese, etc).

The first issue ends with the two running into not Rick Jones from Robotech Season 1, riding a transforming bike from Season 3... oh, and Kim is possessed by an evil Space Elvis.

Issue two still has Kim possessed by Evil Space Elvis as their plans to take over Space Station Arsenio Hall is uncovered. Kim, after gourging on donuts she bought from Homer Simpsons, petting a hound dog and shocking Space Elvis out of her body by shoving a knife into a toaster and electrocuting herself... anyway they head up to Space Station Arsenio Hall after all that to meet another Danger Girl, a girl named Courtney whose highest ambition is to be a Spokesmodel aka Frank Miller's idea of a backgorund character. She is possessed by the power of the King and turned into a Morph, only her secondary form isn't revealing Dirty Pair armor but a hand me down Gundam cosplay costume making her harder to fight... but she gets defeated, flees Space Station Arsenio Hall and heads to... another Space Station Arsenio Hall, because the creators ran out of names for space stations.

The story ends in a cliffhanger as there are only two issues in exsistence of this title. Originally, mind you, after J. Scott Campbell bought the rights to the Danger Girl (singular) name the creator said he planned to relaunch the title as Dynamo Girl, but he said that in 1997, it's 2014 so... that never happened.

Issue #1 also has previews to three comics which never saw print. A sword and sorcery title, a Robotech clone and a Star Blazers clone... and that's it.

All in all the title is rather poorly done. A product of it's time it is full of T&A and fan service and easter eggs, but lacks any real story... the artwork is ok but lacks much in originality... of course since this is a parody and it's jammed full of easter eggs... I have more of these we'll look at, like the short lived experiece of Pioneer as a manga publisher, but if it wasn't for this being a Dirty Pair inspired romp (and I had my first issue copy signed by the series creator) I would have thrown this out in trade a long time ago... for me it's nostalgic and a part of my reviewing past, but in truth it's a nitche read only good if your a fan of this kind of fandom independent stuff of the 90's, coming in at a rather shallow 2 out of 5.

Don't worry... we are far from done from poking the 90's and it's obsession with parody and fan service... far far from done as you will soon see. Stay tuned.

Now let's see if I can get this podcast posted up and submit this.

Your Turn! Danger Girls #1-#2 and fandom comics of the 90's

So the topic today is fandom comics of the 90's, Independent Manga created by Americans to tap into the anime/manga craze during the dark days when manga from Japan was very very hard to come by and our one main source of comic versions of our favorite animes was independent OEL Manga (then called AmeriManga) and certain companies that tried to work that corner of the street (Dark Horse, short lived publisher Pioneer, TokyoPop, ADVManga etc). So comment below, no flaming, and thanks for reading.

Listen to the Audio Podcast, New Old Comic Book Addict Wikinut Episode 1

Presently in the audio section of 4shared, looking for other places to host my podcasts by the way, the first episode features an expanded experience as I match music with my reviews to expand your reviewing experience. In the first episode we review the following...

- Danger Girls #1-#2
- Action Comics #25
- Doctor Who Special 2013
- Quick Random Reviews

That's Episode 1, enhanced with music. So check it out and updates coming when I figure out how to add audio content here. Stay tuned.


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