Antarctic Press' President Evil #1

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Antarctic Press is the longest running publisher of politically correct OEL (Original English Language) Manga, back when it was still AmeriManga... doesn't mean a few titles they crank out can't suck... David Hutchinson' s President Evil, for instance...

A That Comic Book Addict/One Otaku Reads Review

Back in 2009, after the election of Obama as president, the comic industry suffered a short term infatuation with pointlessly sticking him into any comic for 4 or so pages. Amazing Spider-Man, Savage Dragon, Youngblood, you only heard of it if you watch Atop The 4th Wall Athena as well as bigger appearances in comics like Army of Darkness or... Bomb Girl or something... and yes this. PS not counting sadly serious tripe like Political Power of which NOBODY voted for... Sigh.

From David Hutchinson... and no I am still not recapping his history as I know from my stack of Antarctic Press comics I got... that'd still make me sad. Anyway as Issue #1 opens Air Force One is crashing, piloted by a screaming President Obama... Ugh... page 1 and I hate this already. He crashes into Arlington and is set upon by the undead of America's heroes... to which he pushes his flag pin and super saiyans so he can punch out zombies with his Goku glowing powers... oh did I mention yet everyone has parody names but you can clearly tell by the art who's who? Yeah... So we're not bothering with the parody names.

Marine One and Sarah crazy gun rotting lady Palin shows up bailing Obama out, but then quickly turns stupid when she insists on taking the time to berate him during an undead apocalypse, in a gigantic national graveyard filled with much cannon fodder undead... So no surprise fresh reinforcement undead arrive and attack Marine One, which Sarah Palin blows up while shooting the undead swarming it, forcing the two to hitfoot it back to DC.

Suddenly the comic becomes The Wizard of Final Fantasy as they pick up new companions in John Rambo McCain (yes, he's a bulging muscle bound Rambo parody that would make Putin envious because of his name... John (Rambo) McCain. After that they add Hillary Crazy Hillary Smash Clinton, and run into messed up possibly turning zombie George W Bush, all the while heading to the White House in order to retrieve vital plot convenience info. After much dialogue (dear Celestia comic SHUT UP) and parody zombie killing the four reach the beseiged White House, which blows up dramatically for plot stretching, and meet the Wizard... a crazy Stephen Colbert wielding a Hulk slash Thing glove, Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield... Classic Captain America legging and boots, Punisher skull shirt, X be... OK OK WE GET IT MARVEL FAN ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Plus side David Hutchinson is a great artist. It's beautifully drawn... that's it. Plus side is its pretty to look at.

Now this is supposed to be parody right... parody implies I should be having fun with this right... well it's been hours since I did this review for Digital Scribbles Wikinut Episode 2... and I'm still waiting for my enjoyment to begin. Ugh. If I stare at this anymore I'm going to start bleeding out of my brain or something... won't enjoy this comic one bit but will bleed while trying... and there are three more issues to go. A 2 out of 5. A 2. A 2!! What, did David Hutchinson lose a bet or something to have even thought of doing this!! AND FOUR ISSUES!! FOUR!! THIS IS A QUICK IN AND OUT ONE SHOT NOT FOUR FLIPPIN' ISSUES!! FOUR!!

Next time when we return... Ugh... President Evil #2... but next... let's cleanse the palate with more pony.

Discuss President Evil, Obama in comics and parody.

Hey everyone who didn't give up halfway through the review, your turn. Discussing President Evil, Antarctic, David Hutchinson, Obama in comics, parody, lunch, David S. Goyer's lack of fandom smarts, that one mod who let that certain "individual" rant like a crazy person... you know... me, anything you want... please anything... no flaming, thank you.


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4th Jul 2014 (#)

Just finished my reviews of Time Lincoln #1-#2 and President Evil #2 for Digital Scribbles Wikinut Episode 3. Will try to submit them here today (July 4th).

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