Apple Inc. The Totalitarian Corporation - Marketing devices to control you

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Apple Inc. is trying to control how users interact with their devices with iTunes, payWave, Adobe Flash and now the new FaceTime communicator. The following describes some of the Apple restrictions.

Use their software when playing or transferring media

Windows users can connect most tablets, phones, USB sticks etc. to a PC simply.This is achieved by using a compatible connection cable, after which a window pops up showing a folder containing the devices files. Drag and drop them where you want and your finished. If, however, your device is an Apple you will need to install iTunes on the PC, register it and only then can you transfer your media. Of course there are other apps on the market now which make the transfer easier but they are still not automatic. Apple’s method of coping files between PC’s and other devices is cumbersome, hardly user friendly.

Control the new payWave credit system with their own system

The new operating system for Apple, iOS7 incorporates what Apple calls “iBeacon” which a Bluetooth technology providing a users exact location, it does not operate the same way as Visa payWave. Instead it uses Apple's AirDrop, an end to end sharing system for photos, coupons and advertisements which is then linked iBeacon, Checkouts (POS) may need to have two types of Near Field Communications (NFC). It is rumored that the iBeacon will be linked to Apple’s own payment and not join the wider business community with payWave. Apple do not charge for the AirDrop service yet, but It sounds like Apple might use their the iTunes Wallet to control their users. On the bright side, with iBeacon you do not need to tap, it already knows you are there.

AirDrop is embedded into the iOS 7 operating system and locks out 3rd party sharing apps. So now the 575 million Apple users can get their discount coupons, shared information, photos, and payments all in one device - Sounds a bit manipulative.

The telephone is dead – Who is going to pay

Microsoft owns Skype, hence it is preloaded in the Windows 7 & 8 operating systems. This in effect will kill the telephone. No longer will people need to pay for voice communication, just the internet connection. Apple won’t have that. There must be money in it.

Skype can also be installed as an app on Andriod and iOS gadgets. However, it does not come automatically on the new Apple iOS7, instead Apple has a new communicator called FaceTime. FaceTime calls will cost the user the same as voIP do as it only uses the voIP protocol. Unlike Skype, FaceTime does not have the option to use an “internet only” connection, forcing users into voIP call charges. Today FaceTime uses Wi-Fi to connect to the voIP network. Later the telephone networks are expected to allow connection via SIM cards. Expect Apple to get a slice of this pie too.

Who’s the copycat now?

If a phone fits in your hand comfortably it would naturally be hand size, if it needed to be placed near ones ear, it would have a speaker near the top, if it had various pages it would have a finger flip though system. Apple tried to patent those ideas and sue anyone who copied. The iPhone's pull-down Notification Center in versions with OS5 onwards, have this pull-down, which offers quick access to commonly used settings. This is clearly copied from Android. Android users already enjoy other key iOS7 improvements such as rejecting certain callers, auto app update and moving wallpapers, quick app switching and so on – all copies of Android.

Users for many years could create a Wi-Fi hotspot with Android enabled units whist Apple made this impossible until recently. Apparently there was no money to be made by the telcos or Apple. Later Apple did change their smartphones to allow hotspots but still left the option for the telcos to disable it.

Consumers Choice - Power of the People

As at end of June 2013 Apple Inc share price of $399.73 is near 1/2 the price it was 10 months prior at $700. Google's Android mobile operating system grabbed three out of four smartphones sold in the world in the first quarter of 2013, according to recent surveys - Go the people !

Most of us are very grateful of Apple; they were the ones who introduced friendly computer devices in the first place. Apple saw the light whilst all the others had no idea at all. No longer are the technologically dyslexic shut away from technology, but can now embrace it. For that, I and many others thank the brilliant people of Apple Inc.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jun 2013 (#)

They were the path-breakers but others are doing better as Steve Jobs brilliant mind is is not guiding them anymore - siva

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author avatar Quescout
25th Jun 2013 (#)

Hi Siva
It certainly seems Steve Jobs was the master mind. yesterday when I saw the share price and sales figures for Apple I was shocked. I just did not think Apple would fall that quickly. I suppose the bigger they are the harder they fall. ( ha, another article perhaps titled The Apple has Fallen).
Thanks for being the 1st
person to comment on my first article.

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