Are effective and efficient synonymous?

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Let us find out the meaning of efficient and effective.

Efficient and effective differences...

A dictionary is an accessible tool to make us understand the meaning of the words. We need to know the differences of the words so we will know when to use words properly. In such, we will get an idea what is the possible meaning of the words. Let me you a detailed idea with the differences between the word efficient and effective. They sound synonymous to each other, but in real sense, they are very different. How do they differ?

Defining the terms....

[i]b]Efficient is referring to performing or functioning effectively with the least waste of time and effort. A vivid example is: you are going to the workplace 30 minutes before the time. Efficient in such a way that you are exerting effort not to be late with your job.

Effective means productive result. For example, a teacher is using different techniques in teaching the kids in order for them to understand the lesson. The techniques used will measure if it is effective.


Again, efficient is more likely referring to capability of result. Effective means an outcome to an intended result. These words are a bit confusing but the above explanation will help you to spot the difference . With this, you can be efficient in reading dictionaries and someday effective with the words that have learned.


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