Are you one of those discount victims once it comes to shopping?

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Do you end up questioning yourself after hours of shopping why you bought so many silly things? Do you promise yourself to waste only 50 bucks and end up wasting 100 after you are done? Well, sometimes i do but i learned to prevent it!

The endless feeling of guilt surrounding!

İt is funny but also concerning that most women shop too much and buy many unnecessary stuff, wasting tons of money. Here i am not blaming women especially, there are shopaholic men too but most commonly we women do the job. As i am one guilty girl about shopping too i want to share some shopping ideas. Some are addicted to bags, some shoes, some clothes and some, like me, have an endless desire for cosmetics and make-up. İ have a collection of lipglosses and i still can't stop myself from buying one once i see them on the store and when i am back home i half laugh half get at myself for what i did, but you know what? At least i use and finish them. İ have seen many buying and tossing lots of expensive products, it shocks me and it's no doubt a huge waste. And there is a saying that almost everyone knows; too much of someting is never good. Non stop waste of money on things you don't need or won't even use can cause you to corrupt financially some day. Maybe not this month or even in the coming ones but you will for sure end up somwhere. Here are some tips how to stop yourself:

A beautiful way to relax yourself at the end of the day but...

Shopping is exceedingly fun every female knows it. Shopping relaxes me, makes me feel happy and makes me smile, forgetting the stressful and busy day i had. This is the cause to almost a 100% of women. Funny that it is even scientifically proved that shopping relaxes women more than any daily activity can possibly do. Me and my friends have totally different interests about shopping things but when we end up in a mall we know that we can find all our interests here. İ used to waste the whole money near me and buy silly stuff, but now as i grow elder i learned to control myself. İ don't like tossing anything or giving away clothes not worn even once just because i felt like buying then at the very moment. İ like things to be 'useful' i hate 'waste'. Some of you might be reading this and thinking right now why i feel guilty if i buy something unnecessary: i do feel, if you don't personally feel that way that's just you and this is me. İ do respect everyone but hey, i don't respect waste.

Asking yourself: Do you really need it? Even if you don't; will it be useful?

Two main questions i ask myself and advice you to do so before i buy something. İt can be anything, i don't want to fill my wardrobe or drawers with stuff i won't be using. İ want all the space i have to be covered with useful and handy things. Like most girls my wardrobe is filled with shoes and clothes but i use all of them and use them until they get old. So shop as much as you want just being careful that they are useful.

Don't let the discounts trick you!

İt is the most amazing moment when we see a 50% discount on the window of our favourite shop right? İ directly dive in and i'm sure so do you. Sometimes it's really useful because you buy something you had already wanted or needed much cheaper than it's actual price. İ mostly wait for the main discounts that start at the end of the seasons to shop from my favourite brands. And when i'm home i don't feel a bit guilty, just the opposite i congratulate myself for catching the discount and buying what i needed for half the prize. İ don't attack the things as if they are for free, i just buy the things i like.

Turn shopping into a more fun way!

So i tried to share some small easy tips not to waste your money on things you don't need just for your own good. Shopping is so fun and we all need to relax and need new stuff to wear no doubt! Let's all shop but knowing that waste is never good. We can have the same amount of fun without the feeling of a bit of guilt. İ advice everyone to watch the movie 'Confessions of a shopaholic' for a good laugh! Wishing you a beautiful life..


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author avatar Val Mills
3rd Sep 2011 (#)

Something all we women can probably relate to. You know, when you're older and on a limited income, it is much easier to resist, but also fun to splash out occasionally.

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