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Have you tried to link the relation between music and paintings?

Philosophical approach

Oh! Yeah! I am into skills and stuffs again. This time, it is discrete and something out of the ordinary. I guess I would make it with a grip. It is about a few things which I really relished upon reading these bits and pieces.
Yes. It is about an eternal affinity between Music and Painting. Both are different kinds of art works, where paintings fall under depictive ones and music follows the non-depictive ones or purely abstract. Color uses vision whilst music utilizes hearing, like they are two separate qualities which always follow the same parallel course but never actually meet or move away from each other. Both set on the ‘feelings’, providing them a particular kind or quality. Music, fabricated with various forms of musical notes, arranged and performed, whereas colors, like musical notes, put up in different forms and constructed to end up giving a pretty painting.
Music, which is completely distinct form of art, said to be profound in essence and does not lean on depictive process. Instead it converges on our senses and feelings, directed with coherent escort through chronicle of closely related hypothesis. Music is a way of self-expression. Evincing one’s thoughts, or the soul, so called ‘the feelings’, via the knack. One either plays or composes it. Consider a composer fabricating a colossal fragment of orchestral note, certainly solving the purpose, triumphs over divulging the passion. Similarly, a violinist or guitarist, performing a different composition, but mastering in revealing the vehemence. Both are disparate, but the cynosure lies on ‘the soul’.
Scientists are asserting that colors and tones have undeviating and prominent effects on every individual. Thus, artistic realm of sensation and emotion through color and tone were explored, resulting in an impeccable truth that only artists have the license to play the harp of the soul. The coined work was thus pure music or pure painting, without any meddling or encroachment from the world of thought. ‘Rhythm’ is music’s most basic ingredient. Tone marches in the light of rhythm, but colors in a painting are also contrived according to rhythm. Art has conferred a structure to expressions, and stretched the authority of it to this immense domain, the kingdom from which the humans extend into the world. Rhythm is congenital to the human being, to the breath, to the heartbeat, to the very existence of nature and the universe.
“Rhythm is not a thing: it can only act through things. For the painting-composer these things are colors and forms, for the music-composer they are tones.”
To deal with paintings, the impact of colors revealed the emotions. In order to make flawless studies, scientists decided to utilize reds and blues. The exposure of reds could very well talk about one’s anxiety or anger, whereas the swirling of blues disclosed a harmony and pleasant ambience. In that way, a painter sketches what he feels inside or simply ‘the feelings’. A skillful workman would cull to use crisp, more defined edges with harsher strokes, and intense warm reddish and brownish tones to display a kind of negative angry scene. Forms, too, impinge upon the feelings. Perhaps, when a sharp triangle or square stained with yellow or green, could certainly leave an influence on the observer. Observer might experience light vibrancy or heavy thud.
On a candid perspective, a composer who does not marshal his ideas, so that they form something coherent, will end up with a symphony that would make no nuance. Similarly, an artist who tries to execute success by ethical discipline and calculation will furnish a rustic work of art, which will move no one's spirit. Art, it validates life and its own existence. Put the flags out and rejoice art because no other concoction can portray the kernel of life.
“One could say it is magic, lacking better words for it. Science cannot calculate its beauty, religion only understands it in terms of myths, and philosophy can only describe its design.”


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