Audiosurf - Music/Puzzle Game of the Century

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A game for your music that's easy to pick up and play, yet provides a difficulty slope you can take at your own pace and learn to master.

Ride your music

Audiosurf allows you to take any song you have on your computer and ride it. What do I mean by ride? It quickly scans your music, finds the fast, intense points and the slow, mellow points, populates the "track" with blocks for you to either pick up, avoid, put in order or organize (depending on which mode you are playing). The game has several cars which all play differently, and three different difficulties as well as "Ironmode".
Throughout the difficulties, blocks move faster, but you are put in a different bracket and can achieve higher scores, as well as be ranked amoung only people in that difficulty.
All the car classes are different and unique, and each can be fitted to a player's specific playing style.


Your goal in Mono is basically to pick up colored blocks and avoid white blocks. As easy as this sounds, some can be in very difficult places, fast parts of the song may make things hard to see until they're in your face, and getting every single colored block is surprisingly difficult, even at the lower levels. This is a fun place to start, but it only gets better from here.

Pointman, Pusher and Eraser

All of these classes change the game entirely. In order to earn points, you have to get three sets of same-colored blocks to touch each other. Each car has it's own way of doing this. If you've got quick reflexes and can think on your feet, Pointman allows you pick up and drop blocks wherever you want. As the difficulty goes up you can hold more blocks, but there are also more colors to deal with and they move more quickly. Pusher can be just as demanding to reflexes, as you can push a block one lane to the left or right to make your matches. Eraser challenges you mentally, as you have to think ahead to make large combos, then erase one color to have all your blocks fall together.

Double Vision

If you're really up for a challenge, have a friend, or are just ambidextrous, there's double vision mode. You control two cars (one with the keyboard, one with the mouse) in four lanes, two sets of two lanes. You can get large amounts of points in this mode, but it's hard, and it will mess with your eyes if you play it alone for too long.

Get it!

If this sounds like a game that interests you, you can get it for $10 through Steam. I personally picked it up for $2.50, as they have several sales if you can catch them, allowing you to buy games for great prices.
If you're interested in a good way to burn your time and maybe even improve your reflexes, all while listening to your favorite music, Audiosurf is a game for you.


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wow, that's really unique!

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