"Away from her", "Grace Under Fire", and "The Nanny" Reviews

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I am reviewing two comedy series, "The Nanny" and "Grace Underfire." These series are about very strong opinionated women. I am also reviewing one excellent movie which tenderly shows the affects Alzheimer's disease has on a family.

Away from her

Away From Her (2007) wonderful Canadian medical Drama, starring Canada's own Gordan Pinsent, and based on the Great Canadian writer Alice Munro's novel A Bear Came Over the Mountain.

Winner of 7 awards including 2 genies

Main Characters

Julie Christy - Fiona Andersson Gordon Pinsent - Grant Andersson Olympia Dukasis - Marian

A very tender movie about a couple who have lived 44 years together in marriage and then alzhemiers steels the wife away. Fiona chooses to go into a nursing facility to save her husband of the troubles that lies ahead taken care of an alzheimer's patient, while Grant resents give up his wife.

My thoughts

How do you separate a couple together for so long? How can anyone accept such a major change? The story is so well done, showing the pain and frustration that Grant is going through. It also shows how he is human and finds love in the arms of another woman (Marian)

What I like about the story is that he is not portrayed as a hero, just an ordinary man with the wants and needs that we all share as human beings

Grace Under Fire

TV series comedy

Starring Brett Butler

Yes this series is a comedy but intertwined in this comedy is a very real story of of a southern woman who is a recovering alcoholic who has just survived an abusive relationship. Faced with single parenthood, she takes a job in an oil refinery and must deal with the pressures of being a women in a male dominated field and the pressures of making ends meet at home.

My thoughts

Brett who plays the role of Grace Kelly is a wise cracking and hard on the exterior; but, soft on the interior type of woman who pulls no punches. Grace has many demons to battle and she does them with style. She takes care of her three children, keeps house, works and deals with a deadbeat dad.

As if that was not enough, that the ex mother in law is a meddling old buzzard who blames Grace for the breakup. Despite the animosity Grace is a family woman and will not write the old bat out of her kid's lives.

Grace is portrayed as a real woman with true to life issues. I highly recommend this series, it is the south as you have never seen it.

The Nanny

The Nanny (1994) Fran Drescher captured the hearts of everyone when she starred in this comedy series. Fran is the Nanny, who looks more like a fashion model than a Nanny. The premise is hilarious as this loud Jewish woman with a nasally voice becomes the nanny to a Mr. Maxwell Sheffield a rich producer millionaire who is a real English stuffed shirt. Why he would hire this woman with no experience as a nanny is questionable but Fran is lovable, and adored by the children. She secretly lusts over by Mr. Sheffield himself (played by Charles Shaughnessy).

Can two people from two different world's live together under one roof and not collide?

You bet, they collide with one crazy situation after another.

My thoughts

I love all the crazy antics she and the crew go through, I love Fran's sexy and very loud outfits, though I would never wear them myself, this woman can wear a burlap bag and look sexy!

I love the episode where crazy Fran accidentally kidnaps a baby from a Russian woman.

I also loved the Wine Celler episode - There is always animosity between Fran and CC. Babcock, Sheffield's assistant who has heart set on snagging him into marriage. She is jealous of Fran, but the contenders for Sheffield's love are trapped in a wine cellar and they begin to have a heart to heart and work things out, well at least understand each other a little better, seeing exactly what commonalities they share. Babcock realizes that Fran is not so bad after all.

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