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The United Arab Emirates recently imposed a ban on the book “Don’t Cry When I Die…” authored by Latika Tripathi on grounds that the story line dealt with in the book is against their religious belief

Reincarnation against Islam

The United Arab Emirates recently imposed a ban on the book “Don’t Cry When I Die…” authored by Latika Tripathi on grounds that the story line dealt with in the book is against their religious belief. The book was launched in India on September 04, 2010 and thereafter submitted to the UAE ministry for approval around the middle of September, 2010. After pondering over it for almost 6 months, the ministry imposed ban on March 23, 2011.

“Don’t Cry When I Die…” is based on reincarnation and because Islam does not believe in reincarnation, the decision to ban sale of this book in the UAE was passed. There are books on similar subjects like ‘afterlife’ being sold in the bookstores across the UAE. How did these books not catch the attention of the ministry? Or was this a decision made because the book was carrying illustrations depicting how the life beyond death is seen, or illustration of the Spirit Guide as visualized by the author? Whatever the reason, there are many books available where Angels and beings of Light are also depicted. Books on Past Life Regression (PLR) by Brian Weiss are available in all the bookstores across the UAE. When we talk of PLR, it means the previous life is being addressed and therefore it is obvious that the subject deals with ‘reincarnation’.

Surah 2:28 Reveals no Disbelief

While on the subject of reincarnation, as per Surah 2:28 cited below there is no mention of disbelief noticed:

The Archangel Gabriel in Surah 2: 28 revealed:

"How can you reject faith in God? Do you not recall that you were once without life, and Allah gave you life; then God will cause you to die, and will again bring you to life; and finally to Allah will you return."

The above passage speaks clearly of the belief in reincarnation. Life and death are given as gifts from Allah. This is an ongoing cycle. We are born, we die and then we are born again. Eventually we return to the Source. The sooner we evolve the quicker we can be back with the Source. Now, if this is not called belief in ‘reincarnation’ then probably the definition is mis-understood by the non-believers

Prerequisite to Ban a Book

Generally, ban on books in any country is imposed if the content of the book comes in the way of progress, encourage violence, abuse human rights or exploit the minds of people. In which way does ‘reincarnation’ exploit the minds of people? This subject is something which each individual would perceive differently irrespective of the religious belief.

As per a report published on September 05, 2008 in the Gulf News, a daily news paper in Dubai, it stated that the number of banned books in the UAE, dealing with controversial topics, is on the decline as the country takes a more tolerant stance towards the expatriate community. If there is any truth in this, why was a subject like ‘reincarnation’ that is being discussed openly all over the world today was declined approval? Why was the book “Don’t Cry When I Die…” banned?

The government of UAE must understand that ban imposed on books is not going to make any difference to the publishers or the authors. In the past there have been ban on books like ‘The Satanic Verses’ authored by Salman Rushdie. There have been controversies over J W Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ because it is believed to contain occult/satanic subtexts as per the UAE government. Taslima Nasreen’s ‘Lazza’ that speaks about the minority community of Bangladesh was also banned but this has not stopped the authors from writing nor have the readers been dissuaded to read. In fact, they got even more publicized. The popularity of authors have increased undoubtedly and they have been inspired to continue writing.

The ban on ‘Don’t Cry When I Die…’ by the UAE ministry is bound to add to the popularity of the book and the author is going to become even more famous. However, those who ban books must not forget that it is, but human nature to delve into the mysterious and the unknown. The more restrictions they impose, more the curiosity will grow. So what if the book is banned in the UAE, it is still accepted favorably worldwide. Most importantly anyone can avail the book through Amazon. So where is the question of Ban? This entire ordeal seems like a joke.


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author avatar muthusamy
31st Mar 2011 (#)

Great post. A detailed account on Don’t Cry When I Die

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author avatar Mira Pawar
1st Apr 2011 (#)

Thanks Muthusamy! Appreciate your response....

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Jun 2013 (#)

As long as the book does not ridicule other beliefs there is nothing wrong with expressing different view points. Nice post, happy to find it now as the subject is ever relevant - siva

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