Be Smart and Shop at Minasmart

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On line shopping can be a good idea, but there are also lots of scams out there. Read on to find out my experience.

Be Smart and Shop at Minasmart

Catalogue shopping has been a way of life for many years now. People who prefer not to battle their way around crowded shops, can look through a glossy catalogue, and choose whatever they want. But in more recent years, internet shopping has also become very popular. Instead of trying to lift a very heavy catalogue onto your lap, you can surf the internet wherever you happen to be, on your lap top, tablet, or even your smart phone.

There are many businesses online, and some of them are a long way from the UK. Because there are so many scams on the internet, some people might feel it is not a good idea to order from anywhere so far away. This is why I want to share my recent experience with you, then you can decide for yourself.

About Minasmart

A certain Mr Das, alias Brad Cohen, lives in India, and he has formed his own company, which is inspired by his mother Mina, and aptly entitled Minasmart. The company aim to provide best quality hand made goods, which are distributed globally. Their range includes, jewellery, handbags, shoes, clothes , and home accessories.

I discovered the facebook page of Minasmart quite by chance, and I was so impressed with the pictures of some of the goods on it. My aunt needed to buy some Christmas presents, and because she is elderly now, she would need my help. I am a very busy travelling author, with very little time to go shopping, so when I found some earrings which I liked, and I knew her friends would also like, it seemed a good idea to buy them .

But my husband was not impressed, he thought India was so far away, it could be a scam, and why didn't I just go to Canterbury and choose some from a department store.? But I had spoken to Brad in a video call, and I truly believed he was as honest as he sounded, and his patience and politeness whilst dealing with all my husband's uncertainty was very professional.

The Goods were hand made.

And there was another reason I wanted to buy the jewellery from him. It is hand made. I go to many craft fairs to sell my books, and I am always impressed by the innovative and talented crafters. So when I am buying presents I try to support anyone who produces hand made goods.

I used to have my own shop, and I know how important it is to cherish your customers, and take care of their needs. Very often these days I go into a shop, and it is clear the assistant doesn't care whether I buy or not. Politeness and courtesy are a thing of the past.

But not so with Minasmart. Brad was in contact with me after I made the purchase right up until the goods were delivered. I was so impressed with his good old fashioned service, that I would not hesitate to recommend Minasmart to everyone. Never mind that they are based in India, they are online globally, and their professional service is second to none. So why not be smart, and shop at Minasmart
My thanks to Minasmart for the images, and Youtube for the video

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7th Dec 2016 (#)

Thanks for the tip and Seasons greetings my dear Carol, cheers!

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7th Dec 2016 (#)

You are welcome Fern. All the best to you too.

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10th Dec 2016 (#)

Happy shopping Xmas is coming ma'am

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12th Dec 2016 (#)

Thanks for visiting my page Loverme

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