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Comparison of different Operating Systems, features and unique aspects of different OS.


Windows is the leading O.S. in the world, Windows was started as the first GUI operating systems, it is used by most of the world.
Advantages of Windows OS
1. Being leading OS it is compatible with most powerful software and most of other applications.
2. It is updated quite frequently, updates security and other features time and again.
3. Can be installed on variety of hardware, it is compatible with most machines, most of the vendors provide pre-installed Windows operating system.
4. It is quite easy to operate and use, it does not require coding or programming logic.
5. It is very easy to create a server or connect the computer through a network to other computers.
6. Features and pre-installed applications are quite useful.
7. There are many development tools available for windows.

Must use, recommended for most PC users, developers and gamer, recommended for people who are new or expert in computers.


Not for inexperienced users, it requires great deal of knowledge about this OS to even operate most of its features.
1. Safe and secure, admin rights or root user is required to take actions regarding security like control over read, write operations, to execute certain files, etc.
2. Can be used for heavy operations like operation of server side scripts.
3. Installed on most servers and mainframes.
4. Not easy to crack, also less number of users mean less number of hackers.


Free of cost! better OPEN SOURCE!
1. Can be installed on any device, even a microprocessor of a home appliance.
2. Does not have any copyrights or legal conditions
3. Very powerful, used for servers and supercomputers.
4. Not very difficult to operate, a little coding knowledge required.
5. Many software developed for linux increases functionality.
6. Being open source it is frequently upgraded and different versions with different capabilities are developed and improved day by day.
7. Great for development, even the OS itself is free to develop.
8. Very high security, root user permission required for critical changes.
9. Different settings and unique processing capabilities like, ability to use different file systems, on-the-go to load OS from USB or optical drives, ability to use an infinite amount of virtual RAM from storage space, multiple desktops, different operating environment, built in shells which are highly efficient and with an unmatched performance.
10. Strong network functionality.
11. Looking at features, there is only a little compatibility issue which comes to mind when using Linux, apart from that, there is no feature in which it lacks.

Even though it is loaded with features, most of them are something you will not use and since it is difficult to operate and less compatible in general, Windows in my opinion is a much better option.
Only if there is something specific you are looking for through Linux, you should use it, like networking, using it as a server, or building a specially designed system.


Pre-installed on Apple computers
The main drawbackof MAC is that it is not compatible with most software which you are used to while using Windows, Apple focuses on design and graphics more than anything and more than anyone.
Only works with MAC, you may use it with other machines, but there is no use as other OS are available and will work better on them.
1. If you require a PC for general work such as , surfing, music and movies, you can use MAC, if you are a developer you will hate it, if you are looking for gaming PC you will throw it away.
2. The look and feel, without a doubt is fantastic, it is very simple and easy to operate.
3. Most of general work is carried out.
4. Less number of users means less threats like viruses and other security issues.
5. In general fast and bug free, although is restrictive.

Meant for general purpose non-gaming PCs, presentations and design needs, or apple enthusiasts.

Chrome OS

Based on Linux, just another version of Linux Kernel by Google.
Very nice and simple easy to use Linux, made by Google it is quite nicely developed, highly secure and has gained popularity.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks for the useful information. Windows and Chrome for me - siva

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author avatar Retired
16th Sep 2014 (#)

I use Win 7 and a variety of Linux distros. When Win 7 disappears (like XP, Millennium and others before these) I will stick with Linux. Having tested Win 8 I conclude that it is definitely not for me and I have no interest at all in even testing Chrome.

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author avatar vkg
17th Sep 2014 (#)

Windows 8 is a little different but you should try that it is faster, less buggy and overall better in performance, due to change in interface, design a lot of people have thought that , but it is actually better

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author avatar Retired
17th Sep 2014 (#)

When Win 7 is set up properly, it is as fast as Win 8. To me Win 8 is like painting by numbers. The system was designed to work on computers, pads and phones. Using icons on a pad or phone is logical, but to me it is not logical on a computer. And I like to see inside the system, not have it hidden away. For people with little or no computer knowledge, Win 8 may be a good choice.

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author avatar Retired
17th Sep 2014 (#)

The same applies to Mac OS. Their latest systems are nothing more than modified Linux kernels, but accessing the core of the system is not easy. Mac software is terrible.

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