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The best torrent websites for you, when should you prefer one over the other and know which site is better for you.

I will really recommend that you visit it once, it is the best place to browse for torrents, if you are not certain what you need this is the best place for search for a variety of files, most torrent websites are only useful if you know the exact file you want.
Also, this website contains a lot of new stuff and has a huge torrent database, most of popular and alive torrents are available on
The major reason for this site to gain popularity is that it is followed by many trusted users and contains many useful reviews and discussions about most torrents.
It allows use to connect to KiCkass community in order to get help, provide feedback and comment on previous downloads.

THE Piratebay

The Pirate bay started as one of the first torrent sites and is the most used and most popular torrent website there is, it has the largest database of all torrent sites and most torrents start from piratebay, it is actually regarded as the leading torrent sharing website. piratebay has contributed the most to torrent community, but the only downfall of piratebay in my opinion is that it is very difficult to browse for torrents, also, now piratebay has changed torrents to magnetic links, which does not give you the freedom of selecting files at the begining of the downloads and becomes difficult for mobile torrent downloader to even exclude files when the torrent contains large number of files.
The site has been under many legal conflicts, has been banned a lot of times but regains its position to #1 according to most review sites.
If its a popular torrent, most likely it came from piratebay, but it is difficult( at least for me) to find something on piratebay, and many times we don't even know what we want, torrents here are not easy to browse through.


It is not a torrent site technically, but will provide you with results as a list of links to other websites, you may use it as a search engine for searching different torrent sites for your required torrents.
Although you will find featured links to exact match of what you need, but this will be rarely an original link, must of the times they are completely fake and will redirect you to some sort of advertisement rich or survey website.
Take it as a search engine for torrent world, but not as efficient as Google.


Great search engine like site, almost same as piratebay, but contains less number of torrents. However it is a good place to search and does not contain annoying advertisements.
Overall is easy to use than most sites, however in my opinion much less than Kickass.


It is actually a good place to look for torrents, however it is very annoying to browse through a lot pornographic material while looking for a torrent that does not contain adult content, this website is full of them, but you may also find some torrents which are not found anywhere else, not even piratebay.


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