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Boeing 737 - world's most popular narrow-body jet airliner. Boeing 737 is the most mass produced passenger jets in the history of passenger aircraft


Boeing 737 was developed for the market of passenger aircraft is relatively small capacity and short-range, where the main role played by BAC 1-11 and DC-9. In this struggle, originally Boeing was far behind its competitors: in 1964, when it was started the development of aircraft, its competitors are undergoing flight certification. To expedite the development process, Boeing has borrowed technology used in the Boeing 707 and 727 (the most noticeable similarity between the Boeing 737 fuselage and fuselage of the aircraft), but in static tests, with 95 per cent load one of the devices of the wing was damaged, and have identified the lack of this design. After the redesign, a new, improved wing, allowing use of the aircraft on short runways and increasing the cruising altitude. As a consequence, increased fuel efficiency. In general, the development of the aircraft cost is relatively inexpensive and was carried out very quickly. Chairs in the salon located at 6 in the series, which provided greater spaciousness than its competitors, who had five seats in each row.

Families of Boeing 737

All Boeing 737 is divided into 3 families: 737 Original (Original), 737 Classic (Classic) and 737 Next Generation (Next Generation, NG).

  • Original: 737-100, -200 (produced from 1967 to 1988)
  • Classic: 737-300, -400, -500 (produced from 1983 to 2000)
  • Next Generation: 737-600, -700,-700ER, -800, -900,-900ER, BBJ, BBJ2 (produced from 1997)

The vast majority of the Boeing 737 - Commercial Aircraft family, Classic and Next Generation.

Airlines represent planes as follows: Boeing 737-200 - B732, Boeing 737-600 - B736, Boeing 737-700 - B73G, Boeing 737-800 - B73H. The aircraft, equipped with vertical wingtips (English - winglets), referred to as 737W or 739W. For the most part refer to modifications of aircraft symbolize the length of the fuselage, although the signs of 9, and variants of the fuselage - 6. They are distributed as follows (in ascending order of length): 1) -100 2) -200, -500, -600, 3), -300, -700, 4) -400, 5) -800, 6) -900.

Other facts

  • The Boeing 737 is so popular that every 5 minutes throughout the world sat down at least 3 planes of this type.
  • Popularity of a Boeing 737 owes the airline Southwest Airlines, which does not use in its fleet is no other aircraft, except "737".
  • The first flight of the family 737 was nicknamed "Baby Boeing" (born Baby Boeing), because from the perspective of many pilots was like a small Boeing 707.
  • As for United Airlines flight was another nickname - "Guppy", probably in honor of the eponymous fish.
  • In aircraft engine generation Classic (-300, -400 and -500) and Next Generation (-600, -700, -800, -900) intakes are non-circular shape, in contrast to most other aircraft. Engineers had to be located inside the engine additional equipment to increase their capacity. Boeing originally developed for small engines Pratt & Whitney, but the next generation needed to install larger engines CFM56. Due to the small clearance of the engine could be expanded only horizontally. As a result, the cross section of the engine nacelles turned rather triangular than round. In industry, the decision was nicknamed "homyachenie" (born hamsterisation) because of the similarity engine homyachimi cheeks.
  • On the "737" uses the same fuselage, which is "707", "727" and "757", only shorter. The "707", "727" and "757" are identical to the bow section of the fuselage (Section 41).
  • Most cockpits family aircraft 737 equipped with additional windows above the main windshield. The so-called "eyebrow" windows borrowed from the Boeing 707. Their main task - expanding the viewing angle, especially at banks. With improvements in avionics box become redundant, and pilots often cover their newspaper to protect from sunlight. Since 2004, the cockpit "737" does not imply the existence of these glasses.
  • In the body of any Boeing 737 aircraft engine can be placed GE90, are equipped with a Boeing 777. This is one of the biggest engines installed on airplanes.
  • The total number of parts Boeing 737 is more than 3 million units.
  • The "737" no valves main landing gear. The main landing gear retracted in recesses in the central plane aircraft, with almost no wind resistance is created. If the watch off "737", standing on the ground, it is easy to notice black rings under the wings of tires. In Boeing argued that such a scheme aimed at reducing the weight of the aircraft.
  • At "737" system is not the accidental discharge of fuel. In the event of an accident the pilot had to circle around, producing fuels, or, if there is no time to sit down with front-loaded.
  • To paint the fuselage "average" Boeing 737 ", it takes about 200 liters of paint. When it dries, it weighs about 113 kilograms.


A total of 28 July 2010 was lost 154 aircraft , these disasters killed 3,835 people. Liner 110 times capturing terrorists and subjected to other criminal acts in these accidents killed 575 people.

The largest number of victims of the crash was a Boeing 737 crash in Mangalore May 22, 2010 an Indian Airlines plane, which landed at rain skidded off the runway and caught fire. On board were 166 people, 158 of whom died.

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The 737 is the workhorse of modern commercial aviation. We should be thanking Boeing for making this extraordinary machine.

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