Book Review: Cat by V.C. Andrews

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Here you learn about Cat, the last of our wildflowers victims whose adoptive parents are really weird. You will meet her mother and father and you will like neither of them. This story will bring you to tears. Watch the feelings of each and every one of the girls and how Cat's story gets them all upset.

Introducing Cat

Cat is an adopted teenager with a troubled past and an even more uncertain future. Her adopted mother hates her and her adopted father doesn't care what happens to her. She lives her life in a world filled with secrets that her mother says she should never ask about. She has no friends because her mother keeps them all away. She dresses like a much younger and less stylish girl even though she is 17 years old and has already filled out, especially in her upper body. She is afraid of what will happen to her everyday of her life and she is abused by both of her parents, making her an orphan with parents.

One of Cats Problems

The main problem with Cat is that her mother is very weird, she makes her wear drab clothing, she lives in her drab room and she goes to a boring parochial school. Her mother thought everything that was intimate and sexual was bad for her, from her clothing, to her hair and anything that had something to do with the outside world, including any friendships she could ever have. So Cathy spent most of her time alone with no friends and no family. Her mother did not like for her to do the things normal teens were allowed to do and thus made Cat an outsider when other girls did things. Cat lived in fear that her mother would hurt her or disown her because her mother hit her quite a bit and she could always tell when Cat was not telling the truth which made her mother even madder.

Cat's Other Problem

Her father was her other problem, but she didn't know it as a child. She was his little princess, and he treated her like it when her mother was not around and she was in the bathtub. Her father started his abuse of her by checking in on her when she was in the bathroom taking a bath, he would touch her in her private areas, and tell her it was to make sure she was clean enough. When she got older he took her on a business trip and he raped her. It wasn't until they went to the hospital when she took a fall that they knew she had been raped as she told them that it had happened while she was passed out. This is what brought her to Dr. Marlowe and the group.

Cat's first experience with boys

Cat met a girl named Kelly Sullivan during the eighth grade. Cat thought she was great and her mother thought so too. So Cat was allowed to go to her house and Kelly invited her to a party at her house. Once Cat got there she discovered that this party was very grown up and there were boys there too. After having too much to drink, Cat was attacked by the boys at the party, they wanted to touch her breasts and they did and the girls let them. She was embarrassed and confused, she could not tell anyone about this until the girls in orphans with parents.

The Ending

The story that Cat told made each of the girls really sad, her life was unlike anyone else. Her mother picked her up after she told her story and she decided to ask her mother why she decided to adopt her. During this conversation she learned that the choice was not hers and that she was really her half sister and that her mother was really their mother. And this made Cat sad really sad and this was the end of the sessions with her new friends.


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author avatar Denise O
9th Aug 2012 (#)

I have not picked up a V.V Andrews book in awhile. They are always so sad. Nice review. Thank you for sharing.:)

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